Tyger, Tyger Guest Post and Giveaway!

Today I have the lovely Kersten Hamilton on the blog! She's the author of Tyger, Tyger, an awesome book about a girl who gets caught up in a Golblin War with her little brother and a super cute boy. Kersten's been on the blog before if you've followed me long enough, and you can see my interview with her here!


What would you do if you were a goblin for a day?

I would be a very bad goblin. I would rebel.

To be a good goblin, I would have to bow before Fear Doirich, the goblins’ god, and offer him blood sacrifice.

Goblin kind call themselves the Sídhe, as if they were one flesh, but they are not. They are a chimera of creatures that were gathered from many worlds and cobbled together when they submitted to Fear Doirich’s will.

They came to Éireann with Fear Doirich, and Mab, the Queen of the Highborn, riding storm clouds: cat–sídhe and cobs, bean-sídhe and night hags, phookas and all of goblin kind.

Only three Highborn in the history of this world have rebelled against Fear Doirich, and he killed two of them, making a gruesome example of each one.

I’m not vain enough to believe that I would be a Highborn, more beautiful than earthly men or women, of course. But surely a Lowborn sliding through the shadows or slipping into the green, mossy pools of Mag Mell might rebel. Even a phooka, always hungry, always hunting, might somehow find that courage….

Thank you for hosting a stop on my blog tour, Harmony! Lock your windows and doors tonight – goblins are about.


I KNOW all of you are waiting for the letter from the Kindle giveaway and here is mine! S

Also, i'm giving away a pre-order of Tyger, Tyger for you guys!
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Happy Reading!


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