Interview with Jason Ancona & contest!

Today, we have the super awesome Jason Ancona on the blog, author of the book Covert Youth Agency. CYA is about a group of "nerds" (you say nerds, I say nerdfighters!) who are secretly a C.I.A for the teens of their school, righting wrongs that have been going on in their student body! My review for it should be going up soon but for now, here's Jason!

What inspired you to write Covert Youth Agency?

In high school, I always wanted to be someone else. Someone better than who I was. Someone much cooler. I wanted to be admired. And liked. And part of something bigger.

Also, I was always fascinated with the C.I.A. and F.B.I., and enjoyed reading true stories about those organizations. I would have loved to have been a part of something like the Covert Youth Agency in high school.

If you could live with three Fictional YA Characters, who would they be?

Katniss Everdeen – I LOVE her. She’s so strong, and yet vulnerable.
Sherlock Holmes - Best sleuth of all time.
Hermione Granger - Think she's the smartest wizard. Sorry, Harry.

Describe your novel in 3 words.
Nerds rule school.

Greatest fear?
No one shows up at my funeral.

Biggest pet peeve?
When people mistreat other human beings. Especially when someone belittles a person in the service industry. Recently I was in a lost baggage claim line, and a guy right behind me was loudly complaining the entire time. He was berating the two workers at the counter from his place in line. And he never shut up. This goon was beyond rude. I cringed, wishing he would just stop. I wanted to say something, but he was bigger than me, and I don’t like being confrontational.

Finally the guy got his bag and went away, while I was waiting for mine from the other worker. When the worker returned with my bag, I said, “What was that guy’s problem? What a jerk.” The worker gave me a big smile and responded, “I know, what was his deal?” I felt better after that, like I connected with the worker. But I was mad at myself for not saying anything. Hopefully I’ll have the courage to speak up next time.

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