Meet Tamra from Firelight!

Today I have the...lovely Tamra from Firelight by Sophie Jordan with me on the blog! Tamra is Jacinda, the MC's 100% human sister, who never manifested into a draki! And here is...how she feels about that!


1. If you had manifested, do you have any ideas what your talent might have been?

Well, once Jacinda manifested into a fire-breather, everyone kept looking at me like I would turn into a fire-breather, too. I mean, we’re twins. Why wouldn’t we be alike in this way? I guess I kinda expected it to happen for me, too.

2. What talent would you have liked to have?

I’m not sure … other than expecting that I would be a fire-breather, I’m not sure I would have preferred to have any particular talent. I just wanted to manifest like everyone else. Period. What I really would have liked to do … is fly. That’s something I always dreamed about … and maybe the most disappointing thing is that I never will.

3. What are you good at in the human world?

Well, I can drive a car! About the only thing I can do that Jacinda can’t. But seriously, that’s something I’ve never really had a chance to find out … and I’d really like to have that chance. I am human, for all intents and purposes. I belong in the human world. I think I deserve the chance to figure out what it is I’m good at.

4. If you manifested, do you think you'd get along with your sister more?

Sometimes I think it would make things easier … that we would be how we used to be. We would have common ground again. I miss that. Miss when there wasn’t this tension between us.

5. Would you choose Cassian, if he made an offer?

It will never happen. The clearer it became to everyone that I was a defunct draki, the further he pulled away from me. I try not to even contemplate it.

6. What do you think of your sister with Will?

I think if it makes her happy … and makes her forget about going back to the pride, then all the better.

I know we don’t always get along, but I really do want her happy. Even if what makes her happy is Will.

Happy Reading!
-Harmony B.


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