Top Six Signs you need to dump that love interest!

Haven't you ever gotten that feeling while you're reading that you just go: "NO. Why are you with this kid?" Some love interests, just don't make the cut! Here's the top ten signs that that main character? Needs to either dump their boyfriend/girlfriend or start looking at the other options!

1. If he tries to kill you. No no, I don't care how sweet he is when he's not pointing a knife at your chest! If he has homicidal intentions, you better just walk away. Or better yet, go for that sweet normal boy who's always in the background. You'll thank me later.

2. If he never tells you he has a wife hidden up in the third floor of your awesome mansion. Sounds obvious, right? Huh, you'd be surprised. Probably best to search the house before you think he's gonna propose!

3. If he's one of those super protective types. YOU'RE the heroine, girl! You can kick anyone's ass and this guy won't let you even walk around unsupervised? Sure, being protective is kind of sweet, but if he doesn't believe you can fight? Kick his ass.

4. If he lies about where he's going every few days, even if he's trying to protect from some secret reincarnation society. I don't care how hot he is! If he's walking around going to not-so secret meetings and keeping me out of the loop like a child? Again, kick his ass.

5. If he's the ghost of your boyfriend and you have this sexy exchange student trying to mooch 'ya. I mean, that whole ghost romance thing is kind of nice and all, but really, what future do you have together? Unless you know some way to turn him human! Plus, sexy exchange student? Alive and waiting.

6. If he kisses you, then acts like a bastard. That? Is not okay. Why you wasting your time on this cocky jerk when 90% of the time, you have a super sweet, cute, and charming love interest on the other side? Book it and forget about him, girl, he'll feel like an idiot when you stop paying attention.

And there you go!
As much as those make sense, heroines?
Don't follow my advice.
Your follies make good books.

Any to add? Put them in the comments!

Happy Reading!


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