Why Hourglass is epic and frigging amazing and you WANT IT.

I've complied a list of things that pretty much make Hourglass by Myra McEntire (who is also lovely) epic and you should PRE-ORDER IT NOW. You've probably seen me raving about it on twitter on more than one occasion (along with Julie, who raves about it here.) and of course, the online twitter battles over Michael and Kaleb that seem to happen weekly now-a-days. So without further ado, here's the list!

1. I may or may not be reading it for a third time right now. Which means it has to be good!

2. Emerson. She's kickass, spunky, hilarious, and has a brown belt. I wish I could flip people over!

3. THE ROMANCE AND SEXUAL TENSION. So well done. And not just Michael either! More on him, later. But Myra has this way of writing sexy scenes without it being overdone and you're just like: "GO GO GO GO."

4. Michael Weaver. He's sweet and amazing and I just wanted to hug and hit him most of the time, which is good. I like the balance.

5. Kaleb. Can I keep him? Sexy, smoldering, and funny, I absolutely love this guy.

6. THE GENIUS. Seriously, Myra McEntire? A genius, quite simply put. There were literally moments where everything tied together and I was like: "Holy s***, this is insane. And brilliant. And why did I stop to think? KEEP READING." All her plot points, no matter where they come from, have such genius unraveling that you're just going to be amazing.

7. TIME TRAVEL. Nuff' said.

8. THAT COVER. Sweet Jesus, how can you not want to buy it? And it's gonna be all shiny and shimmery, and BEAUTIFUL.

9. Emerson's best friend, Lily? Is Cuban. I'm Cuban. Cubans are FUN.

10. Did I mention Myra has a blog and she's awesome? HERE IT IS.

11. It's frigging amazing and YOU WANT IT.

Happy Reading!

p.s THANK YOU guys for all the congratulations and comments! It's been an amazing blogoversary and I hope you guys stick around.


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