Top Ten Tuesday: Trends!

So Top Ten Tuesday time! This meme is hosted over by the lovely ladies at The Broke and The Bookish and this week we are doing Book Trend We want to see Less/More of.

1. Switching to hardcover mid-series
WHY? WHY?!?! Vampire Academy did this and now Iron Fey is gonna do it as well. I don't mind when my covers don't match, but then they're different sizes?

2. Love Triangles where the girl picks the tortured soul.
The nice guy is an EXCELLENT choice too, you know! Or better yet, just focus on one boy!

3. The Series Craze
Okay, I love series books and all, but sometimes you need to have everything resolved in one book! Standalone? GREAT. Or heck, even companion novels (Lola and the Boy Next Door, Slice of Cherry, Sweetly-esque)

4. Heroines who can't really...do much.
Okay, yeah, I get it. You're human, but that doesn't mean you need to be useless! You know a dangerous, evil villian is after you? Don't curl up into fetal position and rest on the fact your paranormal boyfriend/love interest can protect you! Take a karate class, learn some sword-fighting, do something!

Dude. You guys know this gets under my skin, so damn much. There is nothing I hate
more than having to read about a girl who hates her body, and hates herself, and thinks she's useless. Ummm, what the hell? I want to see more girls out there who are confident in themselves without the author or publisher thinking that people just won't be able to relate to them. Because seriously? I never relate to those girls who just bag on themselves!

6. High Fantasy/Historical Fiction
Please! I absolutely love both of these genres and there's a lot of really awesome o
nes coming up (The Gathering Storm, Girl of Fire and Thorns)

7. More "real life events" and throwing a twist in it
Maybe this is just because I totally loved Fateful by Claudia Gray and how they were on the titanic and she stayed true to that but there was paranormal stuff going on and everything was so good! More of this!

8. More funny narrators
Don't get me wrong, serious narrators are awesome, but sometimes it's nice to kick back with a book that has a serious undertone but has an awesome, funny, and snarky main character (a la Hex Hall, Hourglass, Paranormalcy, Angelfire)

9. Pictures!
Guys, I love pictures. And when books like Leviathan, Wintertown, and The Sky is Everywhere put little pictures to help with the actual novel, I love it! More!

10. Mythology
Yeah, people are getting tired of it. But I love mythology! Bring it on!

Happy Reading!


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