My Last Post Of The Year (Holy Crap...)

So uhhh....hey guys! I can't believe this is going to be my last post for 2011, considering I've got hopefully awesome things planned out for 2012. I'm quite emotional, considering this is the first full year of my life in which I have been blogging and it's been pretty amazing. I've gotten to meet so many amazing bloggers, authors, and YOU GUYS! Seriously, my readers make all of the effort and work worth it. And so, to end the year, I want to go ahead and do my New Years Resolutions! Especially since I missed my Totally Booksessed video this week.

But before I do that, really: Thank You. Thank you so much for sticking around and reading and commenting because it means so much to me! There are going to be some changes in 2012, especially with my Youtube Channel which was only used for In My Mailbox! I will officially be Book Vlogging in addition to my Book Blogging (not as often as I do on here of course, but at least twice or three times a week!) so if you want, go ahead and subscribe to my channel: Harmony Beaufort. 

1. Post Every Day
       Now, I know I made this resolution last year but this year? I plan to get organized! You see, I write my reviews/discussions/everything RIGHT when it goes up. Every one of my reviews is written in about 10-20 minutes and then immediately put up. I don't schedule, I don't write posts the night before but that's going to change! I'm not gonna start scheduling because I feel it takes the fun out of it but I intend to post every day so help me! Haha.

2. Comment More
      I am the suckiest blogger when it comes to commenting on other people's blogs. I really NEVER do it, ever. And I want to be more social when it comes to that! I'm on twitter all the time and such, but I want to venture out and discover some new blogs since i'm usually so apprehensive about them.

3. Read More Classics
     I do not read classics, but I want that to change!

4. Actually Participate In The Challenges I Enter
    I read a lot of debuts this year, but I didn't actually put in any of my reviews or participate! I've signed up for...I think three challenges this coming year and I intend to do them all right this time around!

5. Learn How To Read At Home
    I'm going to sound crazy but: I don't read at home. I can't read in silence and having no noise around while i'm reading just completely unnerves me and I can't do it. I read very, very fast which is how I manage to read about three to four books a week just reading during the 20 minutes each of my classes give for "Sustained Reading" at school but I seriously need to start learning how to read at home! I hardly get any books gone during Summer Vacation because of this and no more!

6. Reply To Comments
      Starting in 2012, I can going to be installing a comment system that allows other people and I to reply to comments left on my posts. It will be awesome considering I want to see some discussions going on in the comments when I do discussion posts! Haha.

And that's really all I can think of at the moment! Although there will be changes, no worries, me and my big mouth aren't going anywhere! Happy Reading guys and SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!


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