A Show You Must Watch: Once Upon A Time (2)

I started this one recently with my sister and i'm actually really, really liking it so far!

Once Upon A Time is a sort-of fairy tale retelling show, where the evil queen from Snow White traps all the Fairy Tale characters in a small town in Maine, imprisoning them and preventing anyone from being able to return to their world and stop her. Until Emma comes along, the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming who is basically the only one who can break the curse.

I love the fact that in most of the episodes, it's two stories happening at once. You have a story going on in Fairy Tale land and then you have the real-time story going on in Storybrook with the same characters!

Snow White and Prince Charming have to be my favorites, ESPECIALLY their Fairy Tale counterparts. Snow White is cunning and smart (while in the real-life world, she's a lot more gentle and kind) and Prince Charming is just witty and awesome (while in the real-life world, he's...recovering. No spoilers!)

Emma is pretty kick-ass, considering she's not taking no flack from anyone who tells her that she needs to leave  town, including Evil Witch Mayor!

While the show doesn't have a lot in the way of character development, it is fun and entertaining to watch!

Happy Watching!

P.S I'm only on episode five so NO SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS!


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