A Show You Must Watch: Sherlock (1)

Why haven't I been posting on the blog, you ask? Because tomorrow is the season two finale of SHERLOCK THAT IS WHY. So I have watching all the episodes so I can be ready (and also, you know, school stuff.)

Sherlock is amazing. One of the best depictions I've ever seen (even better than Robert Downey Jr's!), Benedict brings on Sherlock's snarky, complex, and anti-social personality to the surface. In this modern retelling of the awesome adventures of Sherlock Holmes, he helps out the cops (as well as the British government) by solving crimes with his epic deductive skills. And dear god, they are epic. He doesn't just come to the conclusions but he takes you with him while he rapidly dissects everything about a person just by glancing at his suit.

Also the fact that Benedict is beautiful and I want his cheekbones and as my friend told me yesterday: His eyes are so blue they're SILVER.

And then we have Dr.Watson; who was an army doctor in Afghanistan and got shot so he's back in London and his friend offered to get him a flatmate. The way the two meet is endearing and they just have the best bromance in the entire world. Sherlock is insensitive and rude which is balanced by Watson's sweet and caring nature. They form a bond of epic bro-portions and I LOVE IT. Plus, everyone is constantly calling them a couple because of it, which is hilarious because Sherlock doesn't even try to dispel this and Watson is just bumbling and outraged.

And then we have our villain, Moriarty. This guy is downright insane. His motivations aren't really clear, considering he thinks this whole 'killing people and doing awful things' business is all a game and he's got some major psycho problems, but he's really got the world wrapped around his little finger!

I just like this show like WHOA. Sherlock is the character development I live for, guys.


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