Food For Thought -- Heroines And Their Abilities (1)

This is a feature that'll do every once in a while where I just talk a little bit about something that's bothering me at the moment and then you comment and we can discuss in the comments! Sound good? AWESOME.


THOUGHT: Why do heroines get so mad when the love interest/family member doesn't tell them about their power? 

So I was reading a book recently where the heroine gets all angry and says she was "betrayed" by her love interest because he didn't tell her she was a supernatural creature until they had proof to show her.

And that's always something that's confused me in books because would you really have believed them if they'd told you without having any sort of proof? If they just told you outright without any sort of way to show they're not crazy; I'd think you were crazy for believing them!

And ON A SIDE NOTE: why does this always cause them to run into the arms of the enemy? Because honestly, they're as likely (and probably will) lie to you if they have to.

And it's swoony to lie to protect you, but isn't keeping it a secret until you're ready for it some form of protection?

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Happy Reading!


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