Hana by Lauren Oliver -- Information!

Hey guys! Usually I do a Show You Must Watch post today but since I have a post on Vampire Diaries this week, I want to talk to you guys about something else!

In Lauren Oliver's Delirium, Hana is Lena, the main character's, best friend and basically the one who initiates everything. Here's what Lauren Oliver had to say....

"Hana was intrigued by what lies on the other side of the borders, but ultimately destined to marry her pair and live a quiet, cushy life in the West End. Well, I have to tell you, there is more to her story. She actually has a story all to herself...
Hana is a companion e-novella to Delirium that I wrote from Hana's point of view. I wanted you all to get a better sense of who she is and let you in on some things even Lena might not know about her... Because trust me, when it comes to the trilogy, we ain't seen the end of Hana yet."

Now, do you want to get HANA for free? If enough people preorder Pandemonium, the sequel to Delirium, you can ensure that Hanna is release on Valentine's Day FOR FREE on MTV.com. But only for four days!


Let's make this happen, guys!
Happy Reading!


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