Recap: The Dark Days of Supernatural! -- with Lauren Oliver, Dan Wells, and Claudia Gray

Dan Wells
Lauren Oliver

Time to recap! 

Claudia Gray

So on Friday, I went to The Dark Days of Supernatural signing that was going on in Books & Books, my local indie in Coral Gables. I went about an hour early because I was going to be interviewing the authors (EEP! That video will be up tomorrow) so we started setting everything up and it was fantastic.

Lauren Oliver & I!
Of course, because it was ME doing the interviewing, there was some minor technical difficulties. As in, my camera had a mental breakdown in the middle of the interview and I wanted to faint dramatically from how embarrassed I was! Haha. But all three authors were gracious and lovely so we thought things resolved and it went off without another hitch!

And then it was time for the actual event! The lovely JJ from JJ Reads was saving me a seat and so we waited for the authors to arrive. And they finally did!

Claudia Gray & I !
Claudia Gray went first and since I've met her three times, I already knew how hilarious she was. But then came Dan Wells and I had NO idea how funny he was! And he's SUPER funny. Finally, Lauren Oliver came on and I swear, she is one of the sweetest people I've never met, it was so nice.

They each took a moment to explain their books and finally, we settled for the Q&A portion of the evening. People asked really good questions, a lot to Lauren Oliver, and someone almost spoiled the book! Thankfully most people didn't hear her or there would've been trouble!

Dan Wells & I!
After that, it came time for signing and there was a long line to wait. Us bloggers all shuffled to the back because I prefer it since I don't feel rushed into not being able to talk to them because I know there are people waiting behind me.

I stayed for way too long talking to bloggers and the authors and finally, I went home!

Here is the TRANSCRIPT of my tweets during the event so you can see some of these authors being hilarious in action:

Love the character thats going to die? Kill 'em! If you're heartbroken , then the READER will be heartbroken! -Dan Wells #PitchDarkDays

Lauren Oliver wrote 1600 pages with no plot and only character development! Haha! #PitchDarkDays

Delirium and Before I Fall have been optioned for film!#PitchDarkDays

Lauren Oliver jumped on the Harry Potter in High School!#PitchDarkDays

Lauren Oliver on how to sludge through a novel: blow something up, tension, conflict!#PitchDarkDays

Lauren Oliver started out writing Fanfiction and sequels for books that already had sequels! Haha #PitchDarkDays

Claudia writes paranormal because she's hoping one day the real world will be as interesting! Ha! #PitchDarkDays

Claudia checks to see if her ideas are crazy enough by seeing if it could be in a Doctor Who episode! #PitchDarkDays

Partials is Dan Well's first YA novel even though most people thought his other books were YA #PitchDarkBooks

Claudia Gray wants to write more books about Balthazar! #PitchDarkBooks

All in the all, the event was fantastic and if a Dark Days tour stop is anywhere near you, I recommend going!
Happy Reading!


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