Can You Feel It? Can You Feel The Love? An Open Letter To Myra McEntire

Dear Myra,

First of all: Luff You. For serious.

You are honestly one of the sweetest people I have ever met. You are funny, creative, nice, and seriously a fantastic author. And I apologize in advance if this post isn't the most articulate but it's currently late and I just want to GIF spam you, really. But more on that later.

Hourglass is one of my favorite books of all time. I don't know how many people I've thrust it upon but I do know when I showed up to school with Timepiece, there was nearly a riot. I remember when I first met you, I had just received Hourglass. I read it to the same day and tweeted you immediately saying, and I quote: "If you wrote a book with a picture of poop on the cover, I'd read it." After reading Timepiece (which does not have poop on the cover, obviously), I can still say the same.

 A LONG TIME AGO, I wrote a post called Reasons Why Hourglass Is Epic:
1. I may or may not be reading it for a third time right now. Which means it has to be good! (As of now, I've read it four times)
2. Emerson. She's kickass, spunky, hilarious, and has abrown belt. I wish I could flip people over! 
3. THE ROMANCE AND SEXUAL TENSION. So well done. And not just Michael either! More on him, later. But Myra has this way of writing sexy scenes without it being overdone and you're just like: "GO GO GO GO." 
4. Michael Weaver. He's sweet and amazing and I just wanted to hug and hit him most of the time, which is good. I like the balance. 
5. Kaleb. Can I keep him? Sexy, smoldering, and funny, I absolutely love this guy. 
6. THE GENIUS. Seriously, Myra McEntire? A genius, quite simply put. There were literally moments where everything tied together and I was like: "Holy s***, this is insane. And brilliant. And why did I stop to think? KEEP READING." All her plot points, no matter where they come from, have such genius unraveling that you're just going to be amazing. 
7. TIME TRAVEL. Nuff' said. 
8. THAT COVER. Sweet Jesus, how can you not want to buy it? And it's gonna be all shiny and shimmery, and BEAUTIFUL. 
9. Emerson's best friend, Lily? Is Cuban. I'm Cuban. Cubans are FUN. 
10. Did I mention Myra has a blog and she's awesome? HERE IT IS. 
11. It's frigging amazing and YOU WANT IT. 


So I know deadlines are sucking right now but I want you to keep your chin up and keep being awesome! Because it's simply what you do best! We're all cheering you on and of course, as you know, my email is always open! Haha. I cannot wait for Timepiece to come out and all your other secrets to be revealed soon enough!

And finally, save this for when you're in need of a break and a laugh watch this:

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Happy Reading!


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