If You Like...Post-Apocalyptic Madness (2)

This week I have books for people who love post-apocalyptic novels! I think they're awesome because only dystopian which are usually about a uniformed society and breaking apart from it? THESE ARE ALL ABOUT CHAOS.

Definitely! An earthquake shatters Los Angeles and you have: crazy cults, religious fanatics, powers, all that good stuff. 

My favorite on this list without a doubt. Dark, well-written, and just gory enough that you might wince once or twice, it's an awesome book with zombie-like mutants. 

Again with zombie-like mutants! But Enclave is about a girl who lives in this underground warrior tribe and once she's kicked her, her and her partner, Fade, are forced to travel Above. 

I loved this book! Smart, funny, and addicting, it's definitely a thick book but a good read! Plus the heroine is seriously just the best. Determined, spunky without being overly sarcastic, and just plain cool.

And that's all for me! See you tomorrow!
Happy Reading.


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