Bull Rider by Suzanne Morgan Williams

Who: Suzanne Morgan Williams
What: Bull Rider
When: February 29th, 2010
Why: Blog Tour
How: For Review

All it takes is eight seconds....

Cam O'Mara,
grandson and younger brother of bull- riding champions, is not interested in
partaking in the family sport. Cam is a skateboarder, and perfecting his tricks
— frontside flips, 360s — means everything until his older brother, Ben, comes
home from Iraq, paralyzed from a brain injury.

What would make a
skateboarder take a different kind of ride? And what would get him on a
monstrosity of a bull named Ugly? If Cam can stay on for the requisite eight
seconds, will the $15,000 prize bring hope and a future for his big brother?
Bull Rider is the story of Cam O'Mara, a boy who comes from a lifetime legacy of bull-riders. His big brother Ben comes home from Iraq paralyzed and Cam must learn to deal with the family stress, new found love for bull-riding, and a competition that could make a future for his brother. Bull Rider was a profound, enjoyable story!

Cam O'Mara was a great character to read about, honest and sweet. You can see he genuinely cared about Ben and wanted desperately for him to get better. But at the same time, like any kid, it was frustrating to see his family not focus on what he needed. I liked reading his tries on the bull, they were compelling and I was anxious to see whether he would make or not!

The plot itself isn't the most intriguing, but you're always rooting for Ben to get better and for Cam to become a Bull Rider! I admire Cam for being that brave, even though he was terrified the first time he went on that bull. He stayed on and persevered, which is a lot more than I would've done! The writing is simple and clear, do you're not muddling those page long descriptions looking for the actual meat of the story.
I loved the description of Salt Lick, Nevada! Especially since i've never seen to the West coast, I had a good feel of how everything looked. The ending wasn't predictable and I was honestly surprised when it happened! His family was sweet, if not a little bit forgetful, and his best friend didn't really might the right waves for me.

My rating? AHHH-GREAT!
Happy Reading!
-Harmony B.


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