If You Like...Slightly (or Very) Crazy Narrators (1)

Oh my god Harmony is doing that thing where she makes a new feature and hopefully she won't abandon it in three weeks (I know, I know. But now that final renovations are on the way for my website and my move to wordpress, I'm slowly starting to put all of my ideas that I was waiting for the big change to reveal...but yup, there's a lot of stuff in store!)

This feature is pretty self-explanatory. If you like SOMETHING or want to try SOMETHING, I recommend to you a few books that have to do with that thing! It's mostly a way for me to bring some awareness to books I love, which is most of the point of this blog, but also because you guys have mentioned you wanted me to do this :)

Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves    
a girl who is manic depressive in a crazy weird town in Texas 
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin
now there's no concrete proof that Mara is crazy but she's definitely an unreliable narrator

Slice of Cherry by Dia Reeves
Basically anything Dia writes is crazy. Two sisters who are the daughters of a serial killer and
have inherited some....mutual interests. 

Now I know you guys are all like: wha? But Shatter Me is written as a sort of stream of
concious first person narrative and Juliette is definitely damaged. (You notice it more so
in Unravel Me, which I'm reading right now, and that's why I included it. What do I think so far 
of it, you ask? Kenji is now easily in my Top 10 favorite characters.)

Life Is But A Dream by Brian James
A schizophrenic girl finds love in a mental hospital but things aren't what they seem, as usual. 

And that's it for me! See you guys tomorrow with my spoiler-y Full Metal Alchemist post which sorry of you guys who aren't into anime or manga but...no regrets. It's going to be something that happens every so often on the blog, I might make it a bi-weekly feature!
Happy Reading!


Pretty Little Liars 3x12 Something Something? Let's Talk About It!

How excited is everyone for this season finale? If i'm being honest, I'm not too excited. This show has been boring me but for some reason (probably Spencer and sometimes Hanna), I'm still watching. And also because I love recapping; let's do this!

  • Okay we start this episode with an ambulance? Well, that escalated quickly. Hanna is sobbing so my mind automatically thinks it's Caleb who is getting transported but..let's see! The police officer is trying to ask Emily questions but she's distracted by the Liars comforting Hanna. What? Why isn't she with them? Was she driving the car or something? Wha?
  • And we're back to normal time I guess! The Liars are watching Spencer's mom defending Garrett on the telly. Spencer is nervous about meeting up with Emily after the whole Paige fiasco because now they have to tell her her girlfriend might be a murderer. Hanna spews some psychological stuff about interventions -- did you get this from Wren?
  • Why do Hanna and Aria look like they're going to a party? You guys are at Spencer's house, chilling. Like...what? Wow, Emily has perfected her bitch face. Congrats. 
  • Emily is putting on her Bitch Face (yeah, it's in caps now) and telling the Liars to stop lying to her because they're friends. But the girls are just worried about her! I understand where they're coming from: we all know Paige has major rage issues (SHE TRIED TO DROWN YOU EMILY LIKE WHAT THE HELL), we know she had a grudge with Ali, and she has the earring. She may not be A but she's definitely not good girlfriend material. But fine, walk away. 
  • Yeah Hanna, Aria wants to talk about HER PROBLEMS SO LET'S DO THAT. Aria's Baby Mama Drama. Blah blah blah. Hanna is like: do the right thing and own up to your mistakes and Aria was like: waaaaah, I don't wanna. 
  • Oh my god Paige sounds like a psychopath. Like a legit obsessed psychopath. "I won't let you come between us" "You're the one who's gonna get hurt". She has a crazy face man. 
  • I feel like Paige is emotionally controlling Emily to get the right responses out of her and it's a classic mentally-abusive relationship. Trying to alienate her from her friends, egging her on when she's against the girls, trying to distance her from her other relationships. 
  • Oh my god, Emily is seriously going to tell everything to Paige you are so dumb. "I would do anything to protect you" with those crazy eyes.
  • "Things just went from worse to worser" "That's not a word but continue" HA.
  • Whoa, they got a text from A (it's been a while). BAHAHAHA, Aria's face is hilarious. She looks like a deer in the middle of the road with those eyes. 
  • MONA IS OUT YAAAAAY. Mona is crazy; I love her. Also: how in the world does she pass for a nurse in that man's eyes? Doesn't he recognize her as a patient? 
  • Hanna is lamenting over Emily's failed love life and yup, that's true. Now A sent them a message showing a bunch of photos of them at Ali's gravesite but none of them have Emily! Paige is going to try to frame them and keep Emily out of the drama, apparently. I'm skeptical. I don't know if she's A, I just know she's crazy.
  • Someone is downstairs! Oh no! These girls should keep a knife in their nightstand like honestly. 
  • HA, it was just Caleb. Wow, I totally knew it. 
  • Oh my god, Emily might be the dumbest person ever. She's going out of town, for the weekend, to some inn she's never heard of, WITH NATE. NATE, who has made it clear he wants more out of their relationship than she can give, Nate who seems to know a lot about Maya but for some reason can't talk to her family, NATE FREAKY ASS NATE. 
  • Hanna and Spencer separate and while Spencer is checking herself in the mirror of a passing store (I do that all the time), she sees Toby! And I'm sorry because I love them so much, they actually SLOW-MO walk to each other and hug. Like, legit slow-mo. I cannot. 
  • BAHAHAHAHA, now the camera is panning out and spinning around them. Oh my god, this is so cheesy. Did Toby get a haircut? 
  • I...actually like Aria's outfit. Why is she at Ezra's if he's working? Like...go do something Aria. Oh my god LOL "Ezra?" "Love you babe." Dude, he's working. 
  • WHOA, Maggie is at the door. Wut. Aria is gonna be in some deep shit but because Maggie is a super nice person, she pretends she's never met Aria before. 
  • Aria is trying to tell Maggie she needs to tell Ezra and um sorry Aria, not your business. And then Aria is like: well you have to because MY PROBLEMS. And Maggie's like: girl. chill, please. 
  • Maggie has now decided Aria needs to shut up and says if Aria says anything, she'll tell Ezra about how she went to her work posing as Amy. (I'm eating and writing and watching so this is difficult, ha)
  • Bahahaha, Caleb is bringing a gun. Ooo, you're so hardcore. But dude, I think Caleb is actually smart. BRING A WEAPON OBVIOUSLY THIS PERSON IS A MURDERER. 
  • Oh my god he hid it in her closet? Her mom is totally gonna find it. Jesus, stupid teenagers. 
  • Pfft Caleb, we don't know how many A's there are so your argument is invalid. 
  • Mona does not look happy with her orders so I'm kind of nervous about that. It probably has something to do with Hanna or something? 
  • OH MY GOD ARE SPENCER AND TOBY? OH. Oh. Well! Is it bad if I say about time? Probably. I like this song, ha. 
  • Now it shows all the Liars getting ready for this epic showdown with A -- Aria is chilling, Hanna is getting the bag, Caleb is putting the gun back in his bag, Spencer is getting it on. 
  • Aria is now all guilty looking watching Maggie and Ezra talk and WELL YOUR OWN FAULT. 
  • Spencer is walking about her house in only Toby's shirt. SPENCER, YOU HAVE FAMILY. REMEMBER? 
  • And now he's leaving again and he's looking all guilty while hugging her and now i'm suspicious. No Toby, please, you are like my favorite if you become evil or do something bad to Spencer I will be very upset. 
  • WHOA, it's the creepy A room again. Mona is telling Other Evil Person that there's been a change of plans. I mean, I knew all along that Mona is just a pawn but ha, proof. 
  • On another note, I really want to see House At The End of the Street. One) I love horror movies and Two) Jennifer Lawrence. 
  • I'm glad that they're actually planning with Caleb stuff because he's a good person to have on your team. Tech-savvy and all that. 
  • Emily was sleeping on the couch and she got a creepy ass phone call saying "you have one minute". WUUUUT. That was like the Scream voice or something. 
  • And now Emily is like: oh wow maybe this wasn't a good idea. Huh, no kidding. Honestly. 
  • Caleb and the girls are splitting up to try to find the motel Emily is at and now Emily is running away because obviously. And whoa! Nate just caught up to her! HE'S SO CREEPY I WARNED YOU. Character's lives would be so much easier if they could hear me. 
  • Oh my god, this dude is crazy. I knew this Maya stuff has nothing to do with A. He's showing her a video about Maya telling Emily about how she's at Noel's cabin and she wants them to be together. And now Nate is all: I shallz destroy you because you took my love and all that. 
  • OH MY GOD PAIGE ISN'T EVIL? Okay season finale, you ACTUALLY managed to surprise me. Wasn't expecting that. 
  • Paige is probably like: god damn, this is why you can't have nice things. 
  • OH CRAP, they're in the wrong cabin! 
  • Oh my god Emily, seriously? To escape, YOU WENT UP A LIGHTHOUSE? I cannot even with the lack of freaking logic. Oh, she's looking for phone signal. But really, that shouldn't be a top priority. 
  • I have noticed there is always a scene like this. Spencer with Ian and now Nate and Emily. Big fight scene between girl and Evil.
  • Oh my god, Emily just killed Nate. SHE STABBED HIM. Oh my god, Emily seriously has the WORST luck. Not only losing her girlfriend traumatizing but then KILLING SOMEONE.
  • OH MY GOD CALEB GOT SHOT? Oh my god why didn't you put the gun in your pocket or something? Wait is Caleb dead? Or is he just shot? I'm pretty sure he's just shot!
  • Garrett is now free because Emily caught Maya's killer and he just did an evil smile urgh stop it. 
  • Mona is saying it was a shame that she didn't get to do her part in the plan and she's walking with Other Evil Person. She tells him she'll see him later and oh my god. 
  • NO
  • NO
  • NO
  • NO
What did you guys think?

p.s now that this is over, there's a month before my Vampire Diaries recaps can begin....I love talking about TV so I might make this an anime talk because god knows that's the only TV I watch nowadays. But recaps shall come back with BOTH Once Upon A Time and Vampire Diaries! 


“Aren’t universal transmissions supposed to be pure and uncorrupted?”

Title: 52 Reasons To Hate My Father
Author: Jessica Brody
Release Date: July 3rd
Publisher: Macmillan 
Pages: 352
Edition: Hardcover
Cover Judge: I'm not a fan but it's a good indicator of what the book is about
Quote Choice: hehehehe
Source: For Review 
Goodreads: Link
Being America’s favorite heiress is a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.

Lexington Larrabee has never to work a day in her life. After all, she’s the heiress to the multi-billion-dollar Larrabee Media empire. And heiresses are not supposed to work. But then again, they’re not supposed to crash brand new Mercedes convertibles into convenience stores on Sunset Blvd either.
Which is why, on Lexi’s eighteen birthday, her ever-absent, tycoon father decides to take a more proactive approach to her wayward life. Every week for the next year, she will have to take on a different low-wage job if she ever wants to receive her beloved trust fund. But if there’s anything worse than working as a maid, a dishwasher, and a fast-food restaurant employee, it’s dealing with Luke, the arrogant, albeit moderately attractive, college intern her father has assigned to keep tabs on her.

I think the best way to describe this book is simple: cliche but cute! It's the type of book that would probably make a cutesy ABC Family movie (not Disney considering she's eighteen and there's partying, drinking, and the like).

So if you don't know what the book is about, Lexie is a rich heriess who is causing way too much trouble for her dad's public relations. The day she crashes her new car seems to be the last straw for him because he withholds her trust fund check and instead gives her a year to do 52 jobs (one a week) and see if she can learn anything from them. He also gives her a personal babysitter, albeit a young and hot one, and you can guess what does down from there!

Lexington is your typical rich girl who discovers what it's like to be a normal person and learn to love again and all that but regardless of the cliche, I really ended up liking her! I think my favorite job she did was probably the one where she had to deliver flowers because that's when you really see her new outlook on life shine. Her relationship with her father was shot and I already really hated him for most of the novel because even if he was doing what she best for me, it infuriated me that he refused to actually talk to her. I think so many things would be different for Lexie if her and her father had some communication going on so I was happy with the end of the novel.

As for the rest of the characters, there not too fleshed out but regardless, fun. Luke was cute and him and Lexie were seriously hilarious together. Something I loved, side note, was Lexie's best friends. In every "this kind" of book/movie, the "rich best friends" are in reality backstabbers and were only with the main character for her money or something but from the minute she got her trust fund frozen, these girls stuck by her through thick and thin. Mendi, her ex-boyfriend who is basically a douche-nugget, sucked and I hated him which was the intention, of course.

And finally, Jessica Brody's style of writing is awesome because it's just fun. It's not weighed down and it doesn't try to hard to be "hip". It's the right amount of teenager and heart to make it a cute contemporary.

Happy Reading!


State of the Union 8/19

Hey guys! So first week of junior year was cool! My school is always really flamboyant when it comes to....everything, so us juniors had J's and Seniors has like a red carpet thing with sunflowers and crowns and insane stuff like that.

This is Yuri. Yuri is awesome.
So I finished Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood if it wasn't obvious by my tumbling of all things FMA:B. BUT I'm not going to talk about it because I'm writing a whole post about how amazing it is and how THAT is how you tell a story and wonderful spoilery stuff. But seriously, watch it.

IN OTHER NEWS, I watched an anime called Angel Beats because I had heard some good stuff about it and it was on Netflix (also it was only 13 episodes and it sounded like a nice, light-hearted anime to watch before I started Death Note). Light-hearted? This anime may start out light and cool and awesome BUT I BAWLED LIKE A BABY IN THE LAST EPISODE. Like seriously, I'm super surprised if you don't at least tear up a little bit at that last episode.

It's about teenagers who died before fulfilling their dreams and so they're stuck in this way station high school before they can move on to whatever happens after. So this battlefront of teenagers ain't just going to take this sitting down and form a team to fight against the people trying to force them to move on. Also Yuri (or Yurippe) is my favorite forever and ever so there you go. Leader of a whole battalion of people (including guys who respect her opinion and follow her lead because they know she knows what she's talking about), amazing with weapons, strong-willed and brave while still managing to be vulnerable and emotional at times.


I'm almost done with FMA the manga! I'm on chapter 75 and it's every bit as good as I thought it was going to be. Once I'm done with this, I'll feel okay going ahead with Tsubasa Revosoir Chronicles. 

In real book news, I read Outpost by Ann Aguirre! I have...lots of feelings. I mean, I really liked the book and I read it super fast but there are some stuff I want to address in my review soon!


Monday: Bout of Books Result
Tuesday: Saving June by Hannah Harrington
Wednesday: Pretty Little Liars Recap
Saturday: Food For Thought: Parents


For Review:
I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore
The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore
Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore
(I'm probably not going to read this for both moral issues and "this doesn't seem interesting to me" issues so I'll see what I do with them! I lent Rise of Nine to a friend because he accosted me and I'm sure he'll never give it back so I might have a giveaway for the first two?)

Happy Reading!


Food For Thought: Parents (10)

Oh my god, I haven't done a Food For Thought in FOREVER!

Kurt's Hand Heart Gif Pictures, Images and Photos
all I know about Glee is that everyone who watches it hates it except this guy and Darren Criss.

But today I was wondering just what you guys thought about parents in YA.

I mean, I understand why parents are usually absent from paranormal/fantasy books. They put boundaries on a heroine who is supposed to be out training or saving the world or falling into some magic world and if you have parents, you can't exactly be doing all of those things at all hours of the night. But I feel like this sets some unrealistic plans to an already unrealistic world. A good example of parents still being around even though the heroine is out kicking butt all the time is Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton. Her mother is an important character in the book and because she's present, Ellie has the VERY real-life situation of trying not to get in trouble with her mother or make her worry.

And then of course there's the whole fantasy orphan situation where either one or both parents have passed away because how are you going to leave on a spirit quest when there's people around that still care about you? Usually these people are raised by someone who either doesn't care much whether or not they're gone or a brother or sister who will understand what they have to do.

Parents however, are a lot more popular in contemporary and I suppose that's because...you know, contemp is "real-life". And in real life you have to deal with parents setting restrictions and telling you what to do and worrying about your safety.

BUT! How do you guys feel about parents in books? A hindrance? A realistic touch? Awesome? Nonawesome?

Happy Reading!


Pretty Little Liars 3x11 Single Fright Female? Let's Talk About It!

Who's excited? Well, good for you! Let's do this! Pretty Little Liars:

  • Spencer and Hanna are trying to cover up the wound Hanna got that she's somehow going to try to hide from her mom and now Wren is all up calling Hanna during the daytime. Boy, calm down. Spencer is automatically suspicious because you know, she knows the charms of British Wren. And HA SHE JUST CALLED HIM DOWNTON GRABBY. This is the second time an ABC Family show has made a joke about Downton Abbey and I love it. 
  • Oh no! One of the adults found evidence that someone is stalking the girls and is going to turn it into the police! What a great id--NO NO AN AWFUL IDEA APPARENTLY. Hanna is sure A's going to go after her and Caleb. 
  • Mrs.Hanna is determined and good! That means she's a great parent and normal! Hanna is also determined, but to trash that flash drive and let this whole thing go. 
  • Wow, Aria, you woke him up on his birthday? Couldn't have let him sleep in? And then she does that thing I hate where someone CLEARLY sees you're sleeping and asks if you're sleeping. Blargh. All Ezra wants to do is know Maggie is okay! He should call her! Confront his lies! Something or other
  • Oh seriously Paige? You're going to get upset that Emily kissed Nate when you kissed her when she was drunk? I'm convinced Paige has something to do with the A gang. She's suspicious! Also she has anger problems. Oh wow, she's actually being really understanding but it's a fake understanding. 
  • Oh my god, I want to go into the screen and punch Aria in the face. She better not go try to contact Maggie because Aria, that is none of your fucking business. FOLLOW SPENCER'S ADVICE. 
  • CeCe is here! Yay! I love CeCe. She sees Paige and Emily together and then says that Alison and Paige were totally mega enemies. I KNEW IT I KNEW IT. And then Spencer flashbacks to Alison being her typical bitch self talking about how "pigskin" (Paige) kicked her and she was a NASTY bruise on her shoulder.
  • Spencer is so pretty. Just thought I'd say it. 
  • Wow seriously? Sending secret messages in the middle of class. Wow, I'm actually finding Hanna and Caleb kind of obnoxious, HA. 
  • Nate is being all angry because Emily is brushing him out which I kind of get because Emily did make out with him BUT BACK OFF NATE. Now he's just being an asshole.
  • Oh my god, Aria. She is so dumb, oh my god. I hope Ezra gets mad at her because that's unacceptable. I hate when heroines do that and I'm supposed to understand that but if the love interest does it it's like: oh mai god, he doesn't respect her privacy.
  • Why does no one notice THAT NATE IS INSANE? 
  • Maggie seems nice but really nervous and I still hate Aria. I hate this episode, it's making me annoyed. 
  • OH MAI GOD WHAAAA Alison Paige
  • Oh dude Paige is totes part of the A team. She's trying to get Emily away from the girls. 
  • YESSS AHH it's Ezra's brother. I love him (I know this is unfair because I don't love HIM, I love the actor). He's apologizing to Aria because he didn't know she didn't know and now she's telling him about how Maggie didn't get the abortion because her kid looks like Ezra. And she's like: why didn't Maggie tell him about the kid?
  • Um, Aria, maybe it's because it's none of your business. 
  • So there was a snake in one of the boxes and it attacked Spencer and oh my god, I don't know how Spencer isn't sobbing right now. I love snakes but definitely not when one is hissing and trying to attack me! 
  • Then maybe you shouldn't have gone to the freaking school, Aria, if you didn't want to be faced with this problem. Awwww, he's so nice. 
  • Caleb called to Hanna's mom about how she shouldn't turn the video in and something or other. Urgh, Caleb: "I want to touch you". I don't know why he's freaking me out this episode. Maybe it's the hair.
  • Ezra is all happy because he talked to Maggie and she's all happy and didn't tell him the kid and alive.
  • Paige and Spencer are having a conversation and Paige is asking if she could have a fresh start. I DON'T TRUST YOU ANYMORE. 
  • Urgh, why isn't it possible that Maggie didn't tell Ezra because she didn't want to be with him? 
  • MAN, Emily looks really good in that dress. And now they got caught looking through Paige's purse and apparently found something?
  • Hanna's Mom decides to throw away the flash drive! Woo, I guess! And now she's going on a date with the Pastor, who I love. 
  • Oh! It was the earring that Aria put in there! Which I still don't get why Aria put those in there but whatever. 
  • Wow, Jenna actually looks really freaked out. When she's not making fake bitchy faces, she's a good actress. 
  • WHAAAAAA, there's two evil gloved persons? I totally knew it from the beginning so yeah. 
And that's all for today! Season finale next week!
-Happy Reading


“There is so much beauty in just existing. In being alive.”

Title: Saving June 
Author: Hannah Harrington 
Release Date: November 22nd, 2011
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Pages: 322
Edition: Paperback
Cover Judge: It's nice! I like the colors.
Quote Choice: I love this quote; reminds me of John Green's most recent Thoughts From Places.
Source: For Review (Harlequin Teen Panel)
Goodreads: Link

When her older sister commits suicide and her divorcing parents decide to divide the ashes, Harper Scott takes her sister's urn to the one place June always wanted to go: California. On the road with her best friend, plus an intriguing guy with a mysterious connection to June, Harper discovers truths about her sister, herself and life.

So Saving June! This book is real, raw, and Harrington has the kind of writing that really speaks to you while you're reading.

Saving June is about a girl called Harper whose older sister commits suicide. She decides that staying in a urn on top of the fireplace isn't what June would've wanted (while simultaneously being plagued by the thought that she didn't actually know June, who she thought was perfect, at all) and takes a roadtrip to scatter her ashes in the Pacific ocean along with her best friend and a boy named Jake who seems to know June really well even if they never seemed to be friends.

With that of sort, you know how this is going to go down. Now, the first half of the book didn't really pack the sort of emotional punch I was expecting. Broken kids going on a road trip? She got that to a T. But it wasn't until around the middle-end when you really get to see Harper in her raw, real state. She's angry, she's sad, she's feeling all these things at once and the author does a great job getting into her head and laying it out on the page.

Also, music lovers? This is seriously the good for you. Jake is a huge music buff and while I had some problems with him around the end, he was good to read about. The romance between Jake and Harper was one of my favorite parts really: not because it was sweet but because it was realistic. It was two very broken people trying to find some solace in each other but damn, are there some problems along the way.

As for other characters, I really hated her aunt. Just...it's natural for me to hate adults who don't listen to teenagers and are seriously awful. As for her mom, I'm pretty neutral in that sense. She's not in the book a lot but you get Harper's perspective on her mother, which isn't exactly the best opinion. And finally we have Laney, who didn't impress me very much. I caught all her plot twists way before they happened so that took some of the fun out of it.

In the end, I recommend it!
Happy Reading!


Bout of Books Results!


Seriously, I've never done so well during a readathon before!

So I read:
Saving June by Hanna Harrington -- I really, really enjoyed this book! I'll be reviewing it tomorrow so yay!
52 Reasons to Hate My Father by Jessica Brody -- Cliche but sweet and funny!
Epic Fail by Clarie LeZebnik -- a reread and just as great a second time around
The Crown of Embers by Rae Carson -- review for this soon but HOLY COW WHAT A GOOD BOOK OH MY GOD.

and then I read the first twenty chapters of Full Metal Alchemist Manga (which by the way, I finished Brotherhood. And I have lots of feelings and I might write a super spoilery post about my love for it but we'll see!)

This is a small post but today was the first day of school so I'm feeling lazy!
Happy Reading!


Off To Vacation: Hiatus

Hey guys! So I'm leaving on vacation this week and so, there shall be no posts! But yay, I'm going to have a good time!

Happy Reading!


State of the Union: Week of 8/5

I'm going on vacation soon so I'm not sure if I'm going to have any posts or take a four day hiatus...I guess it depends if I have enough content handy for four days of me not having any internet!


I like this picture because it includes all my favorite people. ALSO ROY AND RIZA OH MY GOD.

Oh. My. God. Oh my god, guys. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has taken over my life with how freaking fantastic it is. While I do recommend doing what I did (watching FMA original first then watching this one) if you're pressed for time, PICK THIS ONE. Seriously, the differences in the beginning are subtle but the way the writers handle the storyline this time around is so much better than the way they did in the first one. They stuck to the manga more is what I'm told which is always a good thing to do.

But just...all the feelings. This show tackles things such as science vs religion, human sacrifice, what's worth a human life, mortality, family, all amazing and intense (while still managing to be light-hearted and funny at times all over that heartbreak) and it is just amazing.

On a more superficial note, I SHIP ALL THE THINGS.

I haven't watched Buffy since I started FMA but since I'm probably going to be finished by the time school starts, I'll be getting back to it soon!


So on the manga side of things, I've started reading Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles because as a kid, I was OBSESSED with Cardcaptors. And so, when I found out that the characters in Cardcaptors are in this AU the publishing company produced (along with characters from Chobits and XXX-holic) I had to read it! And it's good so far, I definitely recommend it.

The only book I read this week was Throne of Glass and I already reviewed it on the blog as well! I'll be starting Drain You tonight, which is exciting since I've read it's set in the 90s. Now, I was born in 1996 but I don't remember anything about the 90s so it's pretty exciting to me!


Monday: Magic Under Glass Review
Tuesday: Top Ten Posts that Scream Me
Wednesday: Pretty Little Liars Recap
Innocent Darkness Contest
Thursday: Throne of Glass Review
Friday: Bout of Books


So you guys really liked my "web series" post SO I HAVE SOMETHING TO SHOW YOU. This is a web series called Dating Rules from My Future Self and the title is pretty self-explanitory. Each season features a different person so don't worry about not watching season one (I didn't watch season one) but why did I stumble across this? Because Candice Accola is in it! And for people who don't watch Vampire Diaries, she plays Caroline a.k.a one of the best characters on the show.

(a note: sadly, only people in the US can watch this. I have no idea why!)

no progress on my webcam so no video :(

For Review:
Embers and Echos by Karsten Knight

Fated by Alyson Noel
Catching Jordan by Miranda Kennealy

And that's it for me! Happy reading!


Bout of Books 5.0: Readathon!

The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, August 13th and runs through Sunday, August 19th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure, and the only reading competition is between you and your usual number of books read in a week. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 5.0 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. -From the Bout of Books 5.0 team
I'm going on a cruise during this readathon SO ALL THE READING WILL BE DONE. Seriously, all the reading.

Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally
52 Reasons To Hate My Father by Jessica Brody
From What I Remember by Stacy Kramer & Valerie Thomas
Epic Fail (reread) by Clarie LeZebnik
Saving June by Hannah Harrington
and if I can, Just Flirt by Laura Bowers

Are any of you guys doing this readathon? Hopefully I'll get a lot read!
Happy Reading!


DNF Review: Throne Of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Title: Throne of Glass
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Release Date: August 7th, 2012
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Pages: 416
Edition: Hardcover
Cover Judge: Eh, I neither love nor dislike it.
Quote Choice: No quote since it's a DNF review!
Source: Gifted
Goodreads: Link
After serving out a year of hard labor in the salt mines of Endovier for her crimes, 18-year-old assassin Celaena Sardothien is dragged before the Crown Prince. Prince Dorian offers her her freedom on one condition: she must act as his champion in a competition to find a new royal assassin.

Her opponents are men-thieves and assassins and warriors from across the empire, each sponsored by a member of the king's council. If she beats her opponents in a series of eliminations, she'll serve the kingdom for three years and then be granted her freedom.

Celaena finds her training sessions with the captain of the guard, Westfall, challenging and exhilirating. But she's bored stiff by court life. Things get a little more interesting when the prince starts to show interest in her... but it's the gruff Captain Westfall who seems to understand her best.

Then one of the other contestants turns up dead... quickly followed by another. Can Celaena figure out who the killer is before she becomes a victim? As the young assassin investigates, her search leads her to discover a greater destiny than she could possibly have imagined.

So I usually don't write reviews of books I don't finish because I don't feel I have enough to say about whatever it was. But I got more than half-way through Throne of Glass by the time I put it down so I feel I have enough to say to write a review!

1. Let's start with the main character, Celaena. I just...throughout the book, you're constantly told that she's an assassin, the most famous of all the assassins. They tell you she's killed dozens but you never see this in her personality. I wanted to see a girl, yes, but a girl who is a assassin. It might just be because I have high expectations of my thieves and assassins (see Thief's Covenant or Grave Mercy, two of my favorite books) but the author is constantly telling you and not showing you. Not to mention the fact that Celaena is nearly perfect in every way: she's funny, witty, nice, everyone falls at her feet once meeting her, she can do just about anything when it comes to skills, she's good with men, she was beautiful and could play the piano, and she comes from a magical lineage. Just...all the things. People can argue her fatal flaw was her arrogance but it really wasn't enough for me to make her a well-rounded character.

2. I think the main theme of my review is probably going to be: All The Things. Because the plot? Was all over the place. The whole main thing is that this girl is competing for her freedom but then they bring in magic and an evil and all these other things that really made the whole point of the story become...nothing. I would've been perfectly happy leaving the magic element for another book (this is a trilogy, right?) instead of bringing it into something that already had a plot in the first place. Ironically enough, it was around the introduction of the whole magic-plot that I started losing my interest in reading, which is weird because guys, it's me. MAGIC.

3. Did Harmony like anything, you ask? WELL YES I DID. I loved Chaol. Seriously, I thought he was great. He was stoic and rough while still being caring and a nice person to the people he cares about. He is the ONLY RESPONSIBLE person in this whole books as well, even though he does give Caelena a tour of the castle to make her stop whining which made me facepalm because seriously? You're going to give the ASSASSIN a tour of the castle? Aside from that, I thought he was a great character and sadly, we don't get to see enough of him in this book. But who DO we get to see a lol of?

4. Oh my god, I hated Dorian. Like seriously, I cannot stand him. He was a carbon copy of every other "princely" character that appears in books: arrogant, suave, "charming", and he behaves like a child. Seriously, he reminded me of a five years old most of the time. It's not because he wanted to marry for love or anything but he was so insolent and would stir up trouble even when there shouldn't have been any. And then his romance with Caelena was seriously of no interest to me. I would've HUGELY preferred there to be  no love triangle and instead have Dorian and Caelena having found a friend in one another since they both talk so much about not having any friends outside of Chaol.

And that's it for me! Down below I have some good reviews of this book because a lot of people really loved it so you might not take my word for it and want to see some positive reviews.
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Pretty Little Liars 3x09: The Kahn Game? Let's Talk About It!

So I'm actually pretty excited for this episode because Caleb said he was A in the preview and I refuse to acknowledge this.

  • So we start with the Coffee Shop of Doom and Aria and Spencer are currently discussing the fact that Maya had a stamp on her wrist that let her go to cool raves and why aren't you guys going to cool raves? You're teenagers! ANYWAY, Spencer is freaking out like a normal girl because with all this A drama, she forgot to apply for early admission! UPenn is her dream! SHE GOT A B ON AN ASSIGNMENT. 
  • Now Spencer is saying that instead of Velma, she is going to be Daphne and I resent the idea Daphne wouldn't be able to go to an Ivy League! You don't know her life!
  • Hey, it's CeCe! CeCe went to UPenn (Spencer's shock is hilarious) and she says she can help Spencer met with someone for works in admissions if she goes to a party with her tonight. This sounds  like an AWFUL idea. 
  • OKAY, so the court can COMPEL her? What are they gonna do; chloroform her and drag her to get her blood drawn? Serious Police is Serious. Momma Marin is panicking and you know what happens when she panics. 
  • So i'm confused: how is Caleb allowed to leave for months on end to go to California and then come back to school? Like...WHAT? And who is he staying with? A hotel? With Lucas the Crazy?
  • Wow, Caleb, you're super smooth. God, just make up already you two. Honestly, you're like lost puppy love. 
  • Hanna got a text! From A! Threatening Caleb, of course, because A can do what she wants, bb. She and Spencer are discussing why the hell A wants her to go to a Grill. Apparently Toby LEFT TOWN? To search for answers? Whaaaaaat? 
  • So how Emily is all smiley with...god, I always forget her name. Does this mean we don't get cynical bitchy Emily anymore? Thank god. (ETA: PAIGE! HER NAME IS PAIGE!)
  • "I think the universe is a finicky little bastard". Oh Spencer, truer words have never been said (on this show). 
  • Oh, Aria, you're going for the retro goth look today? I can't decide whether or not I like it. (ETA: I just saw the shirt she's wearing under the skull crop top and the necklace. No, I do not like)
  • OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD IS THAT MASON? THAT IS MASON FROM WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE AND I LOVE HIM OH MY GOD. This show just hooked me all over again, oh my god. He's Ezra's brother. Does that mean he's coming back? Please? 
  • Okay, I'm having a problem with this relationship (surprise?) Seriously, Ezra hasn't told Aria ANYTHING about his life and he just shoved his brother away without even explaining or introducing them. 
  • Ezra has a crazy-Hobo look about him today. Also he is keeping secrets so blargh. Aria is trying to get them out of him by telling him that his mother offered her money to break up with him because that's a good plan. 
  • A bunch of stuff I don't care about happens here with lots of Ezra Secret Keeping is yeah. 
  • Oh my god, why is everyone's outfits so bad today? 
  • Emily is angry because everyone lied to her and with good reason and now Hanna gave her the log-in to the website. I feel like everything they do is a bad idea. 
  • Aw, Spencer and Aria are bonding, this is cute. I like when they're just friends chilling out. 
  • Why is everyone going to Aria for fashion advice? I forgot that she is the guru out of all of them but...no. And now Spencer and Aria are bonding over the fact Spencer shaved her dad's sideburns while he was sleeping because her grandma offered her $200 and I love them. 
  • Uh oh, the party is at Noel's house! Because he has an older brother! I love CeCe, seriously. 
  • OH MY GOD THE CRAZY SUSPICIOUS STAMP is for Noel's parties. Of. Freaking. Course. 
  • So now Emily is looking at Maya's videos wherein Maya does a lot of videos of her reading poetry and it's...strange. Not the poetry, it's beautiful, but the fact she'd film herself alone reading poetry and put it on a secret website and Emily is caressing the screen. 
  • WHOA, I recognize the guy who is playing Noel's older brother but I can't remember from where...somewhere douchey, i'm sure. ANYWAY, apparently to be in the game room you have to play so...Spencer and Aria are going to stand around awkwardly and CeCe is going to play a game of Truth with the Douche. 
  • Mrs.Hanna doesn't want Hanna to worry because she's going to handle everything with the court order! Well, let's cross our fingers!
  • Wow, this seems strange. Jenna and Noel are going to play a game of Truth with Spencer and Aria but I really want them to just punch Joel because they have such smug little grins of their faces.
  • WHOA, Caleb just says he's A. BUT thank god he just means he sent the text to prove that A is still around and Hanna is lying. And now Hanna is freaking out at Caleb and telling him to stop being dumb. 
  • Okay, so now Noel and Aria are playing Truth and this is a dumb plotline. Noel and Jenna look super "fake evil" smirking up the place and Noel is trying to get Aria to admit she slept with a teacher. Which TECHNICALLY, I don't think she did? I think they slept together after?
  • Mrs.Hanna and Ted are having dinner and she's the only one drinking wine while talking about how he rescued a raccoon with a broken leg. Wow, man, you got skills. 
  • HA, Jenna said she's not going to be bullied by Spencer again. YEAH GUESS WHAT. TOO BAD. 
  • So basically, we know nothing from this. And the actress who plays Jenna makes really irritating evil faces. 
  • Back to Caleb and Hanna fighting! God, these girls just need to understand that their boyfriends want to help them with A. Caleb, Toby, for serious. And boom! Caleb and Hanna back together!
  • I definitely don't believe CeCe about giving her application to Steven because Steven doesn't exist because this girl doesn't make any sense. 
  • Now we're having Ted and Mrs.Hanna moments and they are cute; I like them. 
  • WAIT WHAT? EZRA GOT SOMEONE PREGNANT? This boy. I cannot. This needs to stop. Maybe you say I shouldn't trust Mason because he is unknown but he is Mason, so I trust him. And I don't trust Ezra. 
  • Okay so now Paige and Emily are talking about their dead love ones and it's kind of sweet but I don't know how on board I can be with this relationship...hmm. 
  • Awww, Spencer left Toby a voicemail and I miss them together and feels. 
  • OH WOW, CeCe was telling the truth! Man, every time they make you doubt CeCe, she delivers!
And that's it for this week! Three weeks left until we find out WHO IS GOING TO BETRAY THEM ALL.
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Innocent Darkness Releases Today!

Guess what's out today!

Now, I won't be doing a formal review for this book because I read an earlier draft and I don't want to review it until I can read the final copy because I"m OCD like that.

BUT can I just say I think this book is great. It's fun, smart, and you need it in your life!

Which is why I'm having holding a giveaway for people who can email me proof of purchase! A screenshot/picture of a receipt is all I need and you can win these prizes:

my email, as always, harmony357(at)live(dot)com

Thanks guys and have a great day!
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Top Ten Posts That SCREAM Me!

Hey guys! I'm doing a Top Ten Tuesday today because I thought: HEY, this is kind of an awesome topic to do. Basically, I had to pick ten posts that pretty much show you how I am as a person. And as you know, I think voice is a really big deal when you blog so let's do this!
(Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish)

1. Advice To Fictional Characters: Heroines & Love Interests
i'm counting this as one because I can and it's the same gist.

2. My review of Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein
I thought it'd be good to show one of my favorite reviews

3. My review of Switched by Amanda Hocking
I can be a tad snarky, really.

4. Psychological Analysis: Vampire Diaries is a BAMF show & Disney Princes
again, counting this as one post since it's the same gist. My Disney Princes post is seriously one of my favorite posts I've done so I had to include it!

5. 5 Stages of Reading a Great Book
because seriously, I am silly.

6. Why Dystopian is so popular
because I can be deep sometimes!

7. BUT DID YOU DIE? On character development
because this shows off my obsession with characters.

8. Confident Heroines and Why I Love Them
because I'm an outgoing girl who lives to dress up and party and I hate not having many heroines I can relate to.

9. Five Reasons why High Fantasy is Epic
because I had to include a post I did on my favorite genre!

10. Best Friends: You're doing it wrong
because it's true!

Boom! So this can be a newbie's guide to Radiant Reads!
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"The audience didn’t understand a word we sang. They came to see our legs."

Title: Magic Under Glass
Author: Jaclyn Dolamore
Release Date: Feburary 1st, 2010
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Pages: 225
Edition: Paperback
Cover Judge: There's three different covers but this one is my favorite! It has the fairy-tale feel I think the writing does BUT it is white-washed so that makes me sad because Nimira is dark-skinned. 
Quote Choice: Loved her writing style!
Source: Bought
Goodreads: Link

Nimira is a music-hall performer forced to dance for pennies to an audience of leering drunks. When wealthy sorcerer Hollin Parry hires her to do a special act - singing accompaniment to an exquisite piano-playing automaton, Nimira believes it is the start of a new life. In Parry's world, however, buried secrets stir.

Unsettling below-stairs rumours abound about ghosts, a mad woman roaming the halls, and of Parry's involvement in a gang of ruthless sorcerers who torture fairies for sport. When Nimira discovers the spirit of a dashing young fairy gentleman is trapped inside the automaton's stiff limbs, waiting for someone to break the curse and set him free, the two fall in love. But it is a love set against a dreadful race against time to save the entire fairy realm, which is in mortal peril.


So I think my biggest complaint for this book is simple: too short! I didn't want it to end! So thank god I found out there's a sequel to this whimsical and sweet novel about a girl who discovers a automan (human robot) that is really a person under a curse.

Nimira, the main character, is a great heroine to read about. Unlike all the other girls who ran away from Parry's home because the automaton tried to talk to them, she dealed with her disbelief and tried to actually get to the bottom of things. Who he was, why he was there, and how she could get him out. She was smart and brave; the kind of character I want to read about! Her relationship with Erris was great because you guys know me: I love watching a friendship slowly blossom into something more.

Now, this book reads like a fairy-tale with lush descriptions, magic, fae, and a steampunk fantasy world. Dolamore's writing is descriptive without being overwrought and it just...I want to say it screams fairy-tale but it doesn't because that would be a bit contradictory? It's soft and sweet and I thought the plot was fascinating! I wish we'd get a more fleshed out world but I'm hoping the sequel will answer some of my question, especially about the faerie war!

Happy Reading!


State of the Union 7/29

So why has Harmony been sucking this week? (Maybe I should let you guys give me punishments if I don't post more than four times a week with no good excuse? LOL, I'd be up for it)

1) I keep saying on twitter: secret things and you guys probably hate me for that BUT IT'S SECRET THINGS I REALLY CAN'T SAY! But yeah this week has just been....crazy. And then the second reason I've been absent:

2) My sister moved out of the house. Now, it's not like I've never not lived with my sister before. She went to PennState and then she did an exchange program and a masters in England so I'm plenty used to having her miles and miles away from me. But now she's done with school! She's moving to her own place on her own accord! And it feels quite official and final because it's not something that she's gonna come back for months and live with us so I'm feeling pretty nostalgic and all wishy-washy which is silly because she's only like 30 minutes away.

So if it wasn't obvious from my Manga/Anime post a few days back, I've been obsessed. So I'm currently STILL watching Buffy but I'm also watching this:

Now I'm only on episode four of Full Metal Alchemist but I like what I've seen so far! I've heard AMAZING things about this show and everyone everywhere loves it and it's by the same company that made Soul Eater SO OKAY.

And then status on Buffy: almost done with season three! I am getting kind of sick with the whole Angel-Buffy plotline because it feels like oh my god we get it you guys shall never be and dramz and soul vamps and yeah, okay. Xander is a lot less annoying but CORDY. I am saddened by the sudden absence of Cordelia. Now she only comes in every once in a while! Willow is awesome, Oz is awesome, Giles is AWESOME, Faith is freaking crazy.

that implies I'm actually reading things /dramatic sigh.

I'm pretty sure I've read nothing this past week and a half. I know, I am pathetic! But guys, manga! I finished both Soul Eater and Fruits Basket (can we talk about how psychologically crazy Fruits Basket is? Like...I just want to talk about it constantly)

I'm currently reading Throne of Glass which I'm both excited (I've been waiting FOREVER for this book) and completely nervous (most of the people whose opinion I trust haven't really liked it). I guess we'll have to see my final verdict! So far, it's good. Celaena is crazy arrogant which I actually love because dude if you're an assassin you have a right to be arrogant but yeah.

almost nothing because I suck

Tuesday: So Random: Manga and Anime
Wednesday: Pretty Little Liars 3x08 Recap

so I was going to film a book haul but then my stupid computer keeps telling me "the webcam doesn't exist" and HOW CAN THAT BE WHEN MY WEBCAM IS *IN* THE COMPUTER?

For Review:
Cuttlefish by Dave Freer
The Boy Recession by Flynn Meaney

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

Happy Reading!


Pretty Little Liars 3x08 Stolen Kisses: Let's Talk About It!

Hey guys! It's time for some Pretty Little Liars action and apparently, this is an Ezra episode! Yay.

  • I understand that Hanna is in denial because Mona was her friend but dude, Hanna, Mona cray. 
  • I never understand when people are like: "don't understand as people as well as I did" when they can't figure out someone's password. What the HECK does that have to do with anything? Jesus. 
  • Oh no! Meredith got the job at Aria's high school! Urgh, Byron, why do you suck so much? Why are you talking to your EX LOVER? I hate him so much. 
  • Wow, I do NOT trust this GuyMaya. He says he used to do the same things that Emily did with Maya that he did...hmm. Oh my god, this guy is crazy. He's talking about killing Garrett with his "bare hands" and that he doesn't want Emily "to be afraid of him."
  • Oh my god, Ezra's mom seems super snobby. Why is Ezra having money problems if his parents look so rich? Is it just me or do you sense some sort of hostility between Ezra and Ezra's mom? Yup, definitely there. 
  • And Spencer/Hanna time aka the best time! Spencer is trying to crack the code and failing epically in a hilarious way. And now she wants Caleb to help, which is a fantastic idea considering he's a HACKER. Duh. 
  • Toby is here! He is still angry that he had to lie to the cops and now he is angry because Spencer is not being honest with him which is a PERFECTLY GOOD REASON TO BE MAD. On the bright, they didn't break up. Toby just wants to find out what is going with her so that he can help her. 
  • What is up with the hat Emily is wearing? Oh she's going to go visit...god, I always forget her name. The swimmer girl! And now they're going to go meet so they can like...talk or something. 
  • Wren and Hanna are talking about how Mona is going to be moved to a different facility because she hasn't been taking her pills. And he's sharing confidential information with someone who is not immediate family but PFFT, that's not wrong or anything. Nah.
  • Caleb, put a brush through your hair bro. 
  • WHOA, Caleb has a nice car! It does not match your hair, dude. Anyway, Spencer goes to him to ask about the password thing and LOL, Spencer is not good at subtlety. But he agrees to help her so he can help Hanna.
  • HA, Hanna says she can't give the police her blood because she "needs all of it". She is hilarious. 
  • So Spencer's mom is like taking a shower or something and so Spencer and Aria go through the files in her purse and take pictures. Man, Aria's phone better have awesome zoom. 
  • Did she just admit that she was at her grave? WHOA, SwimmerGirl just admitted that when Emily was drugged, she was with her! WHA?
  • Now Spencer and Aria are playing CSI and Spencer is pretty darn good at this. Well, her dad is the producer of NCIS (I mean Troian Bellisario, not Spencer, LOL)
  • Whoa, this all sounds very dramatic. SwimmerGirl just admitted that Emily kissed her and she didn't stop her even though she knew very well she was "drunk". This is very...melodramatic. But it's Pretty Little Liars. 
  • WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HANNA WEARING? I see a polka-dotted shirt and a yellow slit skirt and...what? And black sheer stockings and a blazer and no. 
  • Ha, I like Spencer and Caleb friendship. It better just be a friendship though because Spoby forever. 
  • Aria just found out that Maya got into the car with 
  • WHOA, so Maya had a secret website that she put all her special memories in? That's cool but also really depressing. 
  • So am I the only one who doesn't think Aria and Spencer can share clothes like that? I mean they're both crazy skinny but Spencer is a lot more lithe and tall and Aria and petite and curvy. But whatever show, you want me to believe everything!
  • Now we're finding out Ezra's family is loaded and he never told her. Because he felt lonely? It was very unclear. 
  • OH MY GOD EMILY RUN AWAY HE IS CRAZY. And now Emily is being cryptic and he's coming closer to her and GO AWAY. You act all sweet but I totally don't trust you. 
  • Ooo, power struggle between Ezra's mom and Aria. And I think Aria is losing. Now I know you guys are going to be like: Her mom is a bitch! But I see where she's coming from: Ezra has no job because of Aria. But now his mom is trying to buy her off so she'll break up with Ezra!
  • Ooo, Ezra burn. His mom is trying to pretend she's sweet and innocent but Ezra is telling her like it is!
  • LOL, Hanna, you don't sound like yourself. She's reading from flash cards. Finally, just speak from the heart! In this fictional world, it's totally going to work!
  • Oh my god, this Emily plotline is so dramatic, LOL. "I was looking for something" "I was lost, now i'm found". Maybe we can put some backstreet boy in the background or something. 
  • Aria, to answer your question: I do think your responsible but if Ezra's willing to do it, then it's his fault as well. It's for luuuurve or whatever. 
  • OH MY GOD LOL, HANNA WHY DID YOU DO THAT? I shouldn't be laughing but hahaha, she like THREW herself at Wren. And now they're going to pretend this didn't happen. 
  • Wow Emily, while your friends are discovering secrets, you're swimming. WATCH IT WITHOUT HER GUYS I WANT TO KNOW. 
  • WHOA WHOA WHAT? In the preview of next week's episode, CALEB SAYS HE'S A? HA, LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What did you guys think of this week's episode? Let me know down below!
Happy Watching!


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