Recap: Lisa McMann Signing

So today I have a video of Lisa talking about her novel, The Unwanteds (which i'll be reviewing sometime in the next few weeks) and where exactly her inspiration came from!

The whole thing in general was fun! I hung out with the president of my indie's book club, who's a super sweet girl and then went to go meet Lisa! While I was waiting in line, I came into the awesome sister who are Saturday on the YA Rebels and totally introduced myself. They're my favorites so it was awesome to meet them!

I saw Lisa and she signed my copy of The Unwanteds (again, since I had already met her at Book Blogger Convention but she insisted on signing it again. Now I have to bring it every time I see her -- HA!) and we swapped some BEA experiences before I was asked by the lovely Kaylee and Sarah to get interviewed outside along with a blogger friend of mine, LiLi. It's not book-related questions or anything, SUPER random but if you want to watch, here it is!

And then I sat down to wait for my dad to pick me up and listened to Nancy Holder and Debbie Vaughn, authors of Crusade and Damned, talk about their books and religion and vampires and other awesome things. And then BAM! Went home :P

My next signing is Michelle Hodkin's launch party (information if you live in the South Florida area):

Sep 27 2011 8:00 pm

265 Aragon Ave
Coral Gables, Florida
United States

So you should definitely come! There will be food and Mara Dyer and Michelle and epic things!
Happy Reading!


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