The day in which I celebrate Earth Day!

I"m gonna celebrate Earth Day by making this post not about Earth Day!
But hey, I have a blog! Which doesn't waste trees!
So really, I'm helping out the Earth just by writing this. :)

All this week (and half of next week) I'm going to be talking about (da da da dummmm) books that have turned into movies!

First, the one that irked me a lot:


OK, I love this series. A lot. I'm Percy crazed, love Grover, and have been fan-girly about this one with my neighbor hundreds of times. I'm Percy & Annabeth all the way, so when I heard about the movie, I got a bit nervous. Can you blame me? I was a tad excited though, because I'm thinking, "How bad can it be?" Stupid Law of Murphy. -.-

The book is amazing, centered around a boy named Percy Jackson, who pretty much has a sucky life. His mom's married to a scum-bag and he has to go to a "special" school because he was dyslexia and ADHD. But then he finds out he's a demi-god, Poseidon's in fact, and all those things that had held him back in school heightened his senses in the battlefield. He goes to Camp-Half Blood, where he meets Annabeth (super beast fighting Athena demi-god girl) and Grover (super awesome satyr who makes me laugh). this book is middle-grade, but it's so hilarious. Especially the names of the chapters. Zeus's lightening bolt has been stolen and EVERYONE blames him. He has to find it before the summer solstice which is in 10 days. And he's got no idea where it is. Him, Annabeth and Grover go on a quest across the country to find it before a war between the gods ensue.


Movie IS SO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Important character, like Ares and Clarisse, never make an appearance. And they change the point of his quest SO MUCH. In the book, he's looking for the Lightening Bolt. IN the movie, he's looking for the three pearls that are SO insignificant in the book that I was in shock. Annabeth has brown straight hair, when she should have CURLY BLOND hair in the book. A hydra that doesn't appear until later in the series comes out of nowhere, AND Hades looks like a hippie rocker I-don't-even-know-what. But he's my favorite thing in this whole movie. Look:

And there you go! The movie WAS enjoyable but I wished I had watched it before I read the books so I could have enjoyed it more. I recommend watching the movie before reading the series.

Read and enjoy!
-Harmony B.


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