The day in which I say why I love to blog :)

The awesomely amazing Story Siren (http://www.thestorysiren.com/) whose blog I read constantly, was talking about why she loves to blog. I commented on it but the question really struck a cord in me. Why do I love to blog? Some people like it for the fame, for the followers, or for the ARCS. Some people actually only start blogs just to get Advanced Readers Copies. Which makes me sad because they're are REALLY good book blogs out there and they are there because they want to write about books, and love expressing their feeling about them. And I love that. Because that's how I feel too. So here goes:

Why I love to blog:
I love blogging because it's pretty much the only way I can express myself about books without my friends yelling at me to snap back to reality when they realize I'm not talking about "real" people anymore. I blog so not only I can enjoy books and reading and recommending, but so other people can enjoy it too. Other people can read my reviews and agree (or disagree) on what I say. They can laugh when I mention a funny moment, or sniffle when I mention a sad one. They can remember a book they read a long time ago, provoke a memory they didn't remember. Reading is all about emotions and words. So is writing. I want people to be able to express their opinions on books I review and beyond, either in the comments or on their own blog.
Since I'm still new in the blog-o-sphere, I haven't made much friends yet. But that's because I'm horrible at consistency and forget to comment all the time. But I did have an amazing friend called Julie (http://bloggers-heart-books.blogspot.com/) who helped me a lot with this. She made me get off my lazy butt and stop thinking about making a book blog and actually do it! She helped me get up on my feet and here I am! She's even helped by posting about me on her blog, which makes me so happy that she's always there if I have a question or I'm curious about something blog-related. Thanks Julie, a lot.
I hope my readers connect with my review (that is, if I have readers, and these followers aren't lurkers. hehe), that they can go like "Huh, I've never heard of that book, but I'm gonna pick it up!" I know I'm not that awesome, but I want you guys to know that nothing makes me happier than knowing that someone enjoyed a book I reviewed! I write this for myself, but I also write it for the people reading this now. I write it to express my opinions on books, but also to hear your opinions as well. Whether it's 10, or 100 followers, I know someone (hopefully) is reading this and going "Hey, I loved that book too!"
And that folks, is why I love blogging.
Happy reading!
-Harmony B.


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