Personal Demons Week: Interview with Gabe

Today you'll be meeting the lovely angel, Gabe, from Lisa Desrochers novel, Personal Demons! Gabe is the choice of Heaven, working his butt off to get Frannie tagged before Luc gets ahold of her. And tangling himself up in the Frannie-web of love along the way......

How does it feel to love a girl who also loves a demon besides you?

I…I’m not sure I want to…. I’m an angel. I love everybody. It’s what I do. If you’re talking specifically about Frannie…she is free to make her own choices. And I can’t love her. I…can we…. What else do you want to know…?

What would you do if you had a spend a night in Luc's apartment?

Since I don’t sleep, I’d read. He’s got some killer books, like an original Dante’s The Devine Comedy. Course, I’d also have to keep one eye on him, because I totally wouldn’t put it past him to try to screw with me.


How is living in Heaven? As awesome as it seems?

It’s really no big thing. Heaven’s not nearly as stuffy as people think. It’s pretty normal. I just got an iPhone and downloaded a bunch of Three Days Grace and Saving Abel. I play in a pick-up basketball league, train guardian angels and hang out with God. Just the usual stuff. The weather’s pretty decent, and I’ll admit here is a killer view. But I’ve been spending a fair amount of time on Earth with Frannie recently and the view here’s pretty good too.


Thanks for taking the time to be interviewed Gabe! You may return to your Angel duties ;) Tomorrow, you'll be meeting Frannie (the inventor of the Frannie-web) and THEN you'll meet Luc. *dun dun dunnnnn*

Happy Reading!
-Harmony B.


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