Top Ten Tuesday (3)



1. The Bloggers

Seriously guys, i've never met such amazing people who like the same things I do! It's one thing going to school where, yeah, you'll find plenty of people who you have mutual interests with and such but the blogging community is something so wonderful and tight knit and fantastic. Sure, they're are fights, but we're all in this together in the end and we all have one thing in common: books.

NOTE: BESIDES I probably never would have met Julie and what the hell would I be doing with my life THEN? Hmm?

2. The books you find out about

Seriously, I doubt I would know so much about books if I hadn't started blogging. Now I know books that are coming out in 2012, books that haven't even sold yet, books that are coming out in the months to come that I might even already have a copy of. It's total insanity how much information about books I have stored in my head. It scares my friends sometimes :P

3. The people you get to talk to

Tell me, if you're a book blogger, do you really think you'd be able or even think about talking to this many bloggers, publicists, and basic industry people as you do if you weren't a part of this community? I don't! I love being able to finish a book and tweet the author in question about it and being able to have a conversation!

4. Reading in real life

Blogging DEFINITELY made me a much bigger reader than I was before. And ALSO, it gives me an excuse not to talk to people in class because i'll just say I have a deadline I need to read this book by (which is usually not true, but when i'm reading a REALLY good scene, I don't want to go talk to you. Sorry!)

5. The community

I kind of explained this in the beginning but seriously, this community is amazing. Whenever YA gets bashed, it feels nice to know that we all band together to tell people they're wrong! It's nice to know so many people have your back if something happens!

6. Reviewing books

Yeah, sure, sometimes it's a pain! But I love sharing my opinion with people (can't you tell?) and this blog is just a outlet to really get to discuss books with people and you guys!

7. Events

You have no idea how awesome it is to go to an author event and KNOW people. Sure, you can bring a friend, but what real life friend is going to know everything you're going to gush about that you could with your fellow bloggers? Book bloggers make book events three times as fun!

8. The Learning Experience

It's nice to discover just how publishing works and working with marketing teams and publicists (as well as talking to authors) really knows you that!

9. Getting to do what I want

I don't know about you, but as a teenager, I get told how to do a lot of things, when to do it, why i'm doing it. This blog is something that is totally, 100% mine and I decide what I want to put on it. That creative freedom is absolutely amazing to me.

10. Last but not least, YOU GUYS.

And yeah, i'm about to get all cheesy up in here. But god, it's still insane trying to wrap my head around the fact that you guys like hearing my opinion and seeing what I think about things. Always gives me a great feeling when someone comments saying they'll try a book because of a review I wrote, and that'll never change!

I know some of you guys aren't bloggers, but how about you?

Happy Reading!


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