Top Ten Tuesday: Settings.

Today the lovely ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish chose Settings: places you want to go to in books as this week's top ten tuesday! So here we go!

1. The Seven Kingdoms (Graceling by Kristin Cashore)

Seriously? This place sounds absolutely beautiful. Full of war and spies, but beautiful!

2. Camp Half Blood (Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riorden)

This. Would. Be. So. Epic. Not even kidding, i'd probably wig out!

3. The Faerie Realm (Paranormalcy by Kiersten White)

OKAY. She doesn't exactly make it sound like a fun place but I kinda of really want to see what i'd be like! Especially since apparently, everyone is drop-dead gorgeous. Although soulless.

4. Hogwarts (Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling)

Still waiting for that letter.

5. Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead)

This place sounds too amazing. Isolated, awesome badassery, and hot boys. Yes please!

6. The Nevernever (Iron Fey Series by Julie Kagawa)

She always makes it sound so beautiful!

7. Narnia (Chronicoles of Narnia by CS Lewis)

Okay, back in like 5th grade there was a door in my Elementary School that never opened. We liked telling everyone it was Narnia. I've still held on to this fantasy!

8. Victorian England (Most Historicals.)

Because come on, guys! Those dresses? YES. I absolutely love dressing up and i'm always going crazy about dresses in historicals. Although there is the whole rigid moral standerds things, but i'd like to live in Victorian England (of course, like a duchess or something because that's where the fun is at) for a least a week!

9. The Future in (Divergent by Veronica Roth)

I really, really want to see which faction i'd be in! Truthfully, it definitely wouldn't be dauntless! Jumping off a train?! No way!

10. Romania (Jessica Rules The Dark Side by Beth Fantasky.)

Honestly people, Lucius' castle sounds amazing. And all that mischief and secrets going around? I'd probably get myself killed but hey, it sounds amazing!

Anything you guys would like to add?
Happy Reading!


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