Interview with Jenna Black; Glimmerglass, Shadowspell

Today we have Jenna Black, author of Glimmerglass and Shadowspell, novels about a half-fey girl named Dana forced to move in with her father in Avalon, discovering that's she just a bit more different than the average person, or fey.


1. Describe your novel in three words.
Teen Faerie Intrigue

2. I saw in your bio you travel a lot, how does that affect your writing when it comes to setting?
It doesn't actually affect my writing all that much because I have an atrocious memory. If I want to write about a place I've visited, I have to go look it up online to remind myself of its features. I guess my memory isn't particularly visual. Though I suppose my travels have helped fuel my creative engine, so even if I don't directly use the places I've visited, they have influenced my writing in a more subtle way. For example, I used Mont St. Michel in France as my inspiration for Avalon. I couldn't give you a good description of Mont St. Michel without having to go back and look at my photos and guidebooks, but I remember the feel of the place, and I used that as a basis for my isolated mountain city.

3. If you could live with any 3 YA characters, who would they be and why?
I think I'd enjoy living with Dana, because I understand her so well. Also, I think that my experiences might be helpful to her, might stop her from going through some of the really tough times I had to face. I'm not sure whether I would actually enjoy living with Katniss from HUNGER GAMES, but I do very much admire her character, her willingness to do whatever it takes to survive and to protect those she loves. (I have a feeling she might have a rather hard edge on her that might make us not get along so well, but I could still admire her.) And lastly, I think I'd like living with Cassel, from Holly Black's WHITE CAT. I like his cleverness and his wit--plus, I figure he'd be less likely to con me if I could keep a close eye on him, and I could enjoy watching him bamboozle the jerks of this world.

4. Which character from Glimmerglass do you think is most like you? Least like you?
Dana is definitely the most like me. She and I have a lot in common in that we were both raised by alcoholic single mothers, and we were both the responsible adults in our families from a very young age. We also both have a tendency to think things to death, and have a very hard time turning off that analytical side because of how much time we spent trying to prepare for future disasters as kids. (There's a tendency to think that if you can just figure out everything that might go wrong, you can stop it from happening.)

The least like me is probably Ethan. Even though he's older than Dana, he's not as mature. He tends to act first and think later. I'm more likely to think about my actions so much that I never actually *do* anything.

Thanks for coming over Jenna and it was great having!

Happy Reading, guys!



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