Through Her Eyes by Jennifer Archer

Who: Jennifer Archer
What: Through Her Eyes
When: April 5th, 2011
Where: Harperteen
Why: Plot love
How: For Review

Sixteen-year-old Tansy Piper moves with her
grandfather and her mother, a horror writer, to the setting of her mother's next
book--a secluded house outside of a tiny, desolate West Texas town. Lonely and
upset over the move, Tansy escapes into her photography and the dark, seductive
poems she finds hidden in the cellar, both of which lure her into the mind and
world of a mysterious, troubled young man who died sixty years earlier.

When I heard the concept of Through Her Eyes, I definitely wanted to give it a try. I mean, a ghost story with pocket watches and twisted time slips? Yes please!

Honestly, the summary doesn't really do this plot justice. Henry, the dark and tortured boy? Scared the CRAP out of me. But in a way that kept me reading, because I wanted to see what he'd do next. When Tansy would go into her photos, she was transformed into his past life, taking the form of the girl he loved. I loved those scenes, because they really showed an insight into Henry's life and the struggles he caused not only himself, but his friends and the people who sincerely cared about him. Tansy's worlds bleed together, and I think that's one of the best consequences for time-slips there is. She couldn't have one world without the other, and choosing one was her biggest decision.

Tansy was a pretty relatable character, sick of moving around to follow her horror-writer mother's crazy whims, and terrified of losing her grandfather, who used to be bright and strong but now has dementia. Though I've never moved, I understood the way Tansy put herself so distant from people knowing that she'd be picking up and leaving at a moment's notice. One thing though, I wanted her to have handled the situation with her old best friend better than just not picking up the phone.

Note: Are there NO good old friends anymore? Lately in YA, every time the character moves, the old best friend betrays her! No! If you know one where she doesn't, leave it in the comments because I wanna read it!

Finally, Tate! While I liked him, I didn't feel I got enough of a chance to actually sum up him and Tansy's relationship. I loved all the parts with them together, especially since it was so up-and-down between the two of them. I understood where Tate was coming from when he explained why he had acted the way he did in the beginning, and I liked them!


Happy Reading!


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