A Big Announcement!

Hey guys! So I have an amazing and awesome announcement to make and it's that I along with four other bloggers (who you either you happen to read their blogs and know who they are or will have to watch their videos to find out yourself) have formed a youtube collab channel called...


Here the five of us, Monday-Friday, will talk about bookish, bloggish, and even not-bookish things! Just like our blogs, but in vlog form and a whole lot more fun! We've officially launched today and as Monday, I got to introduce everyone to the site!

The link is HERE! I hope you guys enjoy it because we had an amazing time planning everything and preparing for this week! ALSO: have an awesome fourth of July!

Happy Reading!

p.s I am ON VACATION currently, celebrating my 15th birthday (and if you didn't know, i'm hispanic so this is my equvilant of a sweet sixteen!) so posts will be not very frequent this coming week! I do have a Top Ten Tuesday and a review planned so stay tuned for that! But this does mean I won't be answering any emails, tweets, or checking any comments until I get back!)


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