Top Ten Tuesday (5): Authors I'm Dying To Meet!

So for today's Top Ten Tuesday we have the authors that I'm dying to meet, living or dead!


1. Kristin Cashore
I'd just love a moment to sit down with you and talk about Graceling and her writing and just this whole world that really opened up writing for myself!

2. Maggie Steifvater and Libba Bray

I'm counting these two as one since I'm meeting them in two weeks (OMG I KNOW I KNOW) but really, they're two of the best YA authors out there and their books are absolutely amazing. Plus, they're really funny and seem like awesome ladies!

(BY THE WAY: if you love in South Florida area it's at Books and Books in Coral Gables the 23rd! If you DON'T, I shall be live-tweeting from the event where you can ask questions and know everything that's going on!)

3. Jane Austen
I actually....haven't read any of her books. Don't mob me (I get enough of that from Julie.) but I'd love to just meet her and get to talk to her about how she's become such an inspiration for so many things. I mean, it'd be crazy to bring her back and show her all these adaptations and retellings of things she wrote a really long time ago!

4. Stephanie Perkins
1) I really want to see how awesome her hair looks in real life and 2)ANNA and LOLA. 'Nuff said.

5. Sarah Ockler

She's super sweet and funny and i'd love an opportunity to just sit down and talk to her since her contemporaries introduced that sub-genre to me!

6. J.K Rowling

OBVIOUSLY. Mostly just to thank her and wig out and ask her what she thinking when she wrote "x" scene or "y" scene and just...gah.

7. Kiersten White

Please? Can she come down here? Because she is so funny and awesome and I love her books and I really, really just want to meet her!

8. Tahereh Mafi or Michelle Hodkin

OKAY, let me elaborate. I met both (Tahereh briefly at her BEA signing and Michelle at Author-Blogger Talk, which was awesome.) but now that i've read their books, I want to see them again and just...wig out and tell them how awesome it was and ask questions that they probably can't answer.

9. William Shakespeare
Just so I can ask him why the hell everyone always ends up dying in his plays.

10. Lauren Oliver
Because man, her books are so brilliant.

Who'd you guys want to meet?

Happy Reading!


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