Interview (of sorts) with Maggie Stiefvater, Meg Cabot, and Libba Bray

So on Saturday I was lucky enough to attend the signing for This Is Teen Live with Meg Cabot, Libba Bray, and Maggie Stiefvater at my local indie, Books and Books (whose website you should totally check out if you live in Florida, since they have amazing YA events almost every month)

And today, I have all (if not, most) of the questions asked by the audience to all three of the authors so you guys can enjoy! (Sad, I don't have pictures because my camera decided to throw a tantrum but here we go!)

What inspired you to write Shiver?

Maggie: Well, you know how people cry at sad movies or books? I never do. So imagine when i'm rereading the Time Traveler's Wife and even though I know what's going to happen, I start crying! And not that kind of crying that makes your husband say 'Aw, you're so cute when you cry!' It was that ugly crying that makes your husband say 'Why do you do this to yourself?!' And then, I thought: 'I want to write a book that ruins someone's evening like that.

How did you start writing stories?

Meg: At first, I was going to be an illusterator. Because when people didn't like my drawings, I didn't really care but when people don't like your writing, it stings! But I finally put my writing out there and got rejected every day for 3 years except for Chrismas and Sundays, because you don't get mail on those days. And then my mother calls me and says she's dating my old art teacher and Princess Diaries was born.

Who was your favorite character to write?

Libba: From the Gemme Doyle trilogy, it would have to be Miss Moore. I don't want to spoil anything, but it she was an interesting character to write. For Going Bovine, I totally have to pick Gonzo. And from Beauty Queens, it would be either Taylor or Petra, they both surprised me

Meg: From Abandon, it would be John. As for my Insatiable series, it has to be Alerik, the vampire hunter. Both of them are tortured souls and Alerik has great taste in hotels.

Maggie: Definitely Cole St. Clare. He started off as an ass and changed the most from beginning to end.

How did you come up with all the weird things in our books?

Libba: Well, I grew up in a family where people would just walk by and say things that didn't really make sense and then things would randomly catch on fire. I also grew up with episodes of Monty Python so I never notice when something's weird. Someone will say "Going Bovine is about a kid who has Mad Cow disease and he meets a punk angel who is addicted to sugar..." and I'll say, "What's weird about that?"

And then the rest was pretty much crazy antics from Meg, Maggie, and Libba until signing time! So if you guys ever get a chance to meet these ladies, go for it!

Happy Reading!


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