I'm doing this post because of the overload of over-due awards all up in my blog. So this is all the awards i've gotten in the past month

Thanks to Courtney from Courtneys Reads, JP from YA Urban, Jeremy from Novel Thoughts, and DJ from DJ's life in fiction! I won two more of these but sadly, I don't remember the people who have given them to me!

7 things about me:

1. I have cats, which technically aren't even mine, they just hang around my house.

2. My bookshelf is organized by which books looks better next to it. I tried doing it alphabetically and genre-related but I just couldn't. It looks prettier like this =P

3. I am 3 things: a twitter-addict, a pokemon-addict, and a email-addict. I constantly refresh 1 and 3 and i'm playing 2 right now!

4. My phone is white, my ipod is pink and my DS is destroyed. Seriously, but it still works!

5. I'd rather spend 50 dollars on books than on anything else. I love clothes and all but.....books O.O

6. I haz a trampoline. It is very, very huge.

7. My favorite color is purple!

And the awards go to......

1. Julie from Blogger Hearts Books. Why? She is my awesome blogger friend and her blog is awesome too!

2. Nicole from Word For Teens. Why? Because I luff her and she's the MasterPimp of blogging.

3. Allison from The Allure of Books. Why? Because I just found it and it's AWESOME

4. Khleasa from Once Upon A Review. Why? I met her a while ago and her and her blog are AWESOME.

5. Liz from Consumed by Books. Why? Her blog name is kinda really awesomesauce. And she's super nice :)

6.Wondergirl from The Here, The Now, The Books. Why? She iz awesome and her blog is cool

7. Leslie from YA books reviewed. Why? She's so funny and nice. And her blog header is awesome *nods*

I can't think of anymore, being I just woke up and need some breakfast. But yes, there you go! If you haven't checked out these blogs you should because there awesome!

Happy Reading!
-Harmony B.


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