What's Your Genre? Week. Andrea Cremer!

As promised, I have another themed week for you guys! Last months I had bloggers here and THIS month, I have AWESOME authors here to talk about the different type of genres they write!

Today we have Andrea Cremer talking about writing Fantasy and Paranormal Romance!


I’m often asked if I would write in a genre other than paranormal/fantasy. It’s hard to imagine doing so. Fantasy was my bread and butter from my earliest books. Even in non-fantasy genres I related the most to fantasy elements. For example, I loved Anne of Green Gables for the creative worlds she constantly dreamed up. It’s not many a heroine you’ll find who ends up stranded in a river because she was pretending to be the Lady of Shalott (and to be rescued by Gilbert Blythe! Sigh, Gilbert Blythe).

For as long as I can remember I’ve been dreaming up other worlds, other times, fantastical scenarios, and supernatural gifts that would make life more interesting. When writing, creating characters and places that lacked those magical elements and extraordinary events would likely leave me a little bit sad.

What I love about fantasy is its longevity and flexibility. Fantasy and paranormal tales are tied up in human culture. Our mythologies going back as far as histories – both oral and written – record include episodes of magic, mystery, miracle. Fantasy seems to be a vital part of the human condition. And I’m glad for it.

I also am committed to the ways in which fantasy has been on the leading edge of social issues. Questions about gender and sexual power, racial ideologies, and hot-button political topics have long found expression in sci-fi and fantasy. I think that the realm of the impossible makes writers and readers less fearless when it comes to timely and challenging subjects. Fantasy writers give a voice to the voiceless in ways that characters in other genres aren’t able too, forecasting social change well before it takes root in contemporary cultures.

Finally, fantasy and paranormal offer the gift of escape. There’s nothing quite like being transported into a world where you’re forced to relearn all the rules, encounter new ways of thinking and being, and might just discover a few amazing powers that you didn’t know you had.


Squee, I love reading Andrea's posts. =P Hoped you liked it!

Happy Reading!
-Harmony B.


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