Don't throw rocks cuz I didn't like it: The Mockingjay Edition

No one is gonna expect this review (expect the people i've already talked to about it) I'm not giving it five stars. I'm not gonna sat it's perfect. This blog is my 100% pure opinion and while this won't change other's, I like people knowing for I feel! So the honesty begins: I was disappointed in Mockingjay. (and I know i'm not the only one)

Collins sucked us in with Hunger Games, raised the bar with Catch Fire (which is and always will be my favorite). She built up the excitment and Mockingjay? It fell flat. Discussion:

My biggest peeve was the characters. Especially main three were extremely off character to how she set them up in HG and CF. Gale was more hateful and acted more like a bloodthirsty terminator than himself. Katniss was whiny and selfish and annoying and I know she's traumatized and whatever but come on! And Peeta....what happened to the one I loved? GAH.

I liked the pacing and plot, which was pretty much like a Major conspiracy theory. She timed everything well, making something excited or full of tension when needed--though some scenes weren't very necessary.

Then there is my favorite character, which is and forever will be FINNICK. All my favorite lines were said by him and my favorite scenes mostly have him in it!

Finally, the ending. It was baaad. I went to a spoiler chat to vent my feelings with other bloggers and we all agreed. Bad ending. BAD. If you loved it (and I have a bunch of friends that do) I don't hate. You like what you like, I don't what I don't. :)

My rating? N/A. I'm not going to give it a word rating but if you didn't see my goodreads, I gave it a 3 1/2

And that's it. Don't throw rocks at me!!
Happy Reading!
-Harmony B.

p.s There is no summary because really? Who doesn't know what this is?


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