Interview with Rhode from Infinite Days *insert fangirl squeal*

Today on Radiant Reads, we got Rhode, the super smexy, awesome, sweet, *insert lots of awesome adjectives here* vampire from Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel. If you know me, you know I absolutely LOVED Rhode and he's just awesome and *drools*. Ehmm, anyway here he is!

Summary: Lenah Beaudonte is, in many ways, your average teen: the new girl at Wickham
Boarding School, she struggles to fit in enough to survive and stand out enough
to catch the eye of the golden-boy lacrosse captain. But Lenah also just happens
to be a recovering five-hundred-year-old vampire queen. After centuries of
terrorizing Europe, Lenah is able to realize the dream all vampires have -- to
be human again. After performing a dangerous ritual to restore her humanity,
Lenah entered a century-long hibernation, leaving behind the wicked coven she
ruled over and the eternal love who has helped grant her deep-seated wish.

Until, that is, Lenah draws her first natural breath in centuries at
Wickham and rediscovers a human life that bears little resemblance to the one
she had known. As if suddenly becoming a teenager weren’t stressful enough, each
passing hour brings Lenah closer to the moment when her abandoned coven will
open the crypt where she should be sleeping and find her gone. As her borrowed
days slip by, Lenah resolves to live her newfound life as fully as she can. But,
to do so, she must answer ominous questions: Can an ex-vampire survive in an
alien time and place? What can Lenah do to protect her new friends from the
bloodthirsty menace about to descend upon them? And how is she ever going to
pass her biology midterm?


1) When you were first turned, how did you feel?

I wanted it more than anything else in the world. I feared death - the 14th century was marred by the black plague. I was foolish and I believed becoming a vampire would protect me from death. As you know, it didn't.

2) You know you were going to die during the ritual to save Lenah, but you did it anyway. Why?

There was no question, she is the love of my life. The one thing in this world that I cannot escape.

3) What first attracted to you to Lenah when she was human?

How she touched her world with the tips of her fingers, that she was interested in all the mundane objects most people overlook - I had to have her near me.

4) What did you think when Lenah had first started to form her coven?

I did not hear of it until much later. She created the coven while I was gone but rumors surfaced of a vicious gang of vampires in England led by a gorgeous female. It didn't take long for me to figure it out - I know Lenah very well.

5) Your on my Top Ten YA guys list, what do you think about that?

What's this YA list? I think that's a ranking system of some sort? Am I high up on that list? If so, then I approve.


Ah, *squeee* Ok, there you go! If you guys don't know who Rhode is, then you must read Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel as soon as possible! Amazing book, here's my review!

Happy Reading!
-Harmony B.


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