2010 Wrap Up, Thanks, and Resolutions

In April 14th 2010, I started this blog a whim, a love of reading, and a friend's encouragement. I only knew two blogs back then, my friends and The Story Siren, and had no idea such a huge community even existed. I honestly, didn't think this was going anywhere. Just a private place to rave about books. But then I got a twitter. If I could give newbies ONE piece of advice, it's that guys!

Twitter opened up this whole community I didn't even know existed to my eyes, and I found tons of fabulous friends that i'll rave about later. And this grew bigger. And bigger. To the point where now, I can't imagine life without the blog, and this whole community backing me up. And not just the community, you guys, my readers! You're all lovely for wanting to watch me rave incessantly about books, and putting up with my spazzing in vlogs, and my weird tweets in the middle of the night.

That said friend? Is awesome blogger, fabulous critique partner, and all-around good person, Julie from Blogger Heart Books. Thanks for pushing me to make this awesome decision and thanks for sticking by me the entire journey! I doubt this would've gone so well without you!

I met a lot of people in these past 9 months, and I wish I could thank every single one in this post, but sadly, I can't! So here's a few:

Thanks Brent, for being so fantastic. Your sass and glitter never fail to make me smile, and you are one funny blogger! And it's okay if you like unicorns, I love you anyway.

Kari, who is not one for sap but thank you for putting up with my un-organized ass! Despite the hate, you are super nice and fun and an awesome blogger (and an even better writer). I'm talking to you right now while writing this, so *waves*.

Nicole, for with Julie, sharing with me her love for Historical Fiction and being super awesome.

Finally, Bianca. Without you, this blog would be really ugly since I would've had to design it! Thanks for all the help you give me without complaints!

And then of course, there's the authors. Because really, without them, no books! And that would just be horrible! I'm not gonna name any because you're all just fantastic with us bloggers and with me, and i'll totally forget some people and then i'll feel bad. You know who you are, and you're awesome :)

Thanks to the publishers for not thinking i'm horrible and unworthy of your author's works.

Thanks to ALL OF YOU. Seriously, every single one of you. Without you, this wouldn't be possible. Thank you for commenting, and recommending, and retweeting, and just being amazing. 311 is the number of 2010, and that wouldn't have been possible without 'ya.

NOW, unto the resolutions:

1. Blog more. I'm seriously planning to post every single day, unless there's some crazy emergency or I go on a random vacation and don't have time to write something! November and December were really bad posting months for me.

2. Be organized. Seriously, I'm a mess. I need to fix up this site, update a thousand things, and get myself scheduled and organized. I must channel my inner Nicole.

3. Learn that darn techy stuff. As much as I like going to Bianca for all my tech problems, I should learn to do a lot of this myself, no? I'm already trying to do my own header, but I wanna learn how to do a bunch more instead of frantically asking twitter how.

4. Read, and Review. Usually, I don't write reviews right when i'm finished with it. I wait days, sometimes week and that's not happening anymore or i'll go insane!

5. Vlog more. I love vlogging, and I very well might start vlogging 3 times a week on my channel about bookish/writing things and such. If I can...

6. Stop Being Lazy. This is just a resolution in general. Speaks for itself.

For everything. Have a happy new year and..

Happy Reading,
-Harmony B.


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