Fixing Delilah interview: Patrick! *swoon*

Today we have the leading man in Sarah Ockler's Fixing Delilah, Patrick! I'm not even gonna bother telling you not to swoon, because I mean, it's Patrick!


Tell us 3 things about you no one else knows.

This is a tough one. I'm totally out in the spotlight when I'm singing on stage, but in real life, I'm a pretty private guy. So 3 things that no one knows? Okay, here goes... 1) I'm glad my parents split up. It was hard at the time, and Dad is still so devastated over it that he'd kill me if he saw this. But he was so unhappy when she was around. All they did was fight. Anyway, moving on to the next thing... 2) I'm actually super nervous on stage. The spotlight freaks me out. But I love music so much -- it's like the only way I can really say everything I'm feeling inside -- the only way I can share it with the world. So I find a way to deal. Mostly, whenever I'm about to freak out, I think about Delilah, and this one time when we were about six. I dared her to close her eyes and jump off the dock, straight into Red Falls Lake. She watched me go first, and then she laughed, climbed up to the upper dock another ten feet higher, and leapt off the edge. She kicked my butt, which leads me to the next reveal... 3) I fell in love with her that day on the dock, and I never stopped thinking about her, even when I didn't see her for years. Now that you know my whole life story, um, next question, please!

How did it feel seeing Delilah after so long?

Wow, you really want to get in there, huh? ;-) Ok. Remember that story about jumping off the docks? It was like that day happening all over again. I saw her under the bleachers, and my stomach did this weird flip flop thing, like that day she beat me off the jump. I couldn't believe it was her. And when she finally figured out it was me, I... wait. Some of this stuff I want to keep just for me! Sorry!

If you could have told Delilah one thing before she left that last summer, what would it be?

I'll be waiting for you, no matter what.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Probably in some small town, on stage at a coffee place, Delilah sitting in the audience with those choco-hazlenut whatevers she loves so much. I don't see us sticking to one place. I want to see the world with her, and wherever she is, well... that's where I see myself. Sounds sappy, right? But it's true. This is the kind of stuff people write songs about. Hey, you wanted to know!

Since you're so awesome at music, pick a song that describes you.

Totally not fair question! So I'm giving you a totally not fair answer. ;-) Blue in Green by Miles Davis, off the Kind of Blue album. No words -- you just have to listen to it to see what I'm saying. I don't do jazz myself, but I love listening to it and letting it inspire my music. I highly encourage you to give Miles a chance!

No more personal questions, right? So if you want to know more about me, you'll have to check out Fixing Delilah! ;-)


Thanks for joining us, Patrick! And thanks Sarah, for writing him!
Happy Reading!
-Harmony B.


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