Pretty Little Liars 3x08 Stolen Kisses: Let's Talk About It!

Hey guys! It's time for some Pretty Little Liars action and apparently, this is an Ezra episode! Yay.

  • I understand that Hanna is in denial because Mona was her friend but dude, Hanna, Mona cray. 
  • I never understand when people are like: "don't understand as people as well as I did" when they can't figure out someone's password. What the HECK does that have to do with anything? Jesus. 
  • Oh no! Meredith got the job at Aria's high school! Urgh, Byron, why do you suck so much? Why are you talking to your EX LOVER? I hate him so much. 
  • Wow, I do NOT trust this GuyMaya. He says he used to do the same things that Emily did with Maya that he did...hmm. Oh my god, this guy is crazy. He's talking about killing Garrett with his "bare hands" and that he doesn't want Emily "to be afraid of him."
  • Oh my god, Ezra's mom seems super snobby. Why is Ezra having money problems if his parents look so rich? Is it just me or do you sense some sort of hostility between Ezra and Ezra's mom? Yup, definitely there. 
  • And Spencer/Hanna time aka the best time! Spencer is trying to crack the code and failing epically in a hilarious way. And now she wants Caleb to help, which is a fantastic idea considering he's a HACKER. Duh. 
  • Toby is here! He is still angry that he had to lie to the cops and now he is angry because Spencer is not being honest with him which is a PERFECTLY GOOD REASON TO BE MAD. On the bright, they didn't break up. Toby just wants to find out what is going with her so that he can help her. 
  • What is up with the hat Emily is wearing? Oh she's going to go visit...god, I always forget her name. The swimmer girl! And now they're going to go meet so they can like...talk or something. 
  • Wren and Hanna are talking about how Mona is going to be moved to a different facility because she hasn't been taking her pills. And he's sharing confidential information with someone who is not immediate family but PFFT, that's not wrong or anything. Nah.
  • Caleb, put a brush through your hair bro. 
  • WHOA, Caleb has a nice car! It does not match your hair, dude. Anyway, Spencer goes to him to ask about the password thing and LOL, Spencer is not good at subtlety. But he agrees to help her so he can help Hanna.
  • HA, Hanna says she can't give the police her blood because she "needs all of it". She is hilarious. 
  • So Spencer's mom is like taking a shower or something and so Spencer and Aria go through the files in her purse and take pictures. Man, Aria's phone better have awesome zoom. 
  • Did she just admit that she was at her grave? WHOA, SwimmerGirl just admitted that when Emily was drugged, she was with her! WHA?
  • Now Spencer and Aria are playing CSI and Spencer is pretty darn good at this. Well, her dad is the producer of NCIS (I mean Troian Bellisario, not Spencer, LOL)
  • Whoa, this all sounds very dramatic. SwimmerGirl just admitted that Emily kissed her and she didn't stop her even though she knew very well she was "drunk". This is very...melodramatic. But it's Pretty Little Liars. 
  • WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HANNA WEARING? I see a polka-dotted shirt and a yellow slit skirt and...what? And black sheer stockings and a blazer and no. 
  • Ha, I like Spencer and Caleb friendship. It better just be a friendship though because Spoby forever. 
  • Aria just found out that Maya got into the car with 
  • WHOA, so Maya had a secret website that she put all her special memories in? That's cool but also really depressing. 
  • So am I the only one who doesn't think Aria and Spencer can share clothes like that? I mean they're both crazy skinny but Spencer is a lot more lithe and tall and Aria and petite and curvy. But whatever show, you want me to believe everything!
  • Now we're finding out Ezra's family is loaded and he never told her. Because he felt lonely? It was very unclear. 
  • OH MY GOD EMILY RUN AWAY HE IS CRAZY. And now Emily is being cryptic and he's coming closer to her and GO AWAY. You act all sweet but I totally don't trust you. 
  • Ooo, power struggle between Ezra's mom and Aria. And I think Aria is losing. Now I know you guys are going to be like: Her mom is a bitch! But I see where she's coming from: Ezra has no job because of Aria. But now his mom is trying to buy her off so she'll break up with Ezra!
  • Ooo, Ezra burn. His mom is trying to pretend she's sweet and innocent but Ezra is telling her like it is!
  • LOL, Hanna, you don't sound like yourself. She's reading from flash cards. Finally, just speak from the heart! In this fictional world, it's totally going to work!
  • Oh my god, this Emily plotline is so dramatic, LOL. "I was looking for something" "I was lost, now i'm found". Maybe we can put some backstreet boy in the background or something. 
  • Aria, to answer your question: I do think your responsible but if Ezra's willing to do it, then it's his fault as well. It's for luuuurve or whatever. 
  • OH MY GOD LOL, HANNA WHY DID YOU DO THAT? I shouldn't be laughing but hahaha, she like THREW herself at Wren. And now they're going to pretend this didn't happen. 
  • Wow Emily, while your friends are discovering secrets, you're swimming. WATCH IT WITHOUT HER GUYS I WANT TO KNOW. 
  • WHOA WHOA WHAT? In the preview of next week's episode, CALEB SAYS HE'S A? HA, LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What did you guys think of this week's episode? Let me know down below!
Happy Watching!


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