Pretty Little Liars 3x12 Something Something? Let's Talk About It!

How excited is everyone for this season finale? If i'm being honest, I'm not too excited. This show has been boring me but for some reason (probably Spencer and sometimes Hanna), I'm still watching. And also because I love recapping; let's do this!

  • Okay we start this episode with an ambulance? Well, that escalated quickly. Hanna is sobbing so my mind automatically thinks it's Caleb who is getting transported but..let's see! The police officer is trying to ask Emily questions but she's distracted by the Liars comforting Hanna. What? Why isn't she with them? Was she driving the car or something? Wha?
  • And we're back to normal time I guess! The Liars are watching Spencer's mom defending Garrett on the telly. Spencer is nervous about meeting up with Emily after the whole Paige fiasco because now they have to tell her her girlfriend might be a murderer. Hanna spews some psychological stuff about interventions -- did you get this from Wren?
  • Why do Hanna and Aria look like they're going to a party? You guys are at Spencer's house, chilling. Like...what? Wow, Emily has perfected her bitch face. Congrats. 
  • Emily is putting on her Bitch Face (yeah, it's in caps now) and telling the Liars to stop lying to her because they're friends. But the girls are just worried about her! I understand where they're coming from: we all know Paige has major rage issues (SHE TRIED TO DROWN YOU EMILY LIKE WHAT THE HELL), we know she had a grudge with Ali, and she has the earring. She may not be A but she's definitely not good girlfriend material. But fine, walk away. 
  • Yeah Hanna, Aria wants to talk about HER PROBLEMS SO LET'S DO THAT. Aria's Baby Mama Drama. Blah blah blah. Hanna is like: do the right thing and own up to your mistakes and Aria was like: waaaaah, I don't wanna. 
  • Oh my god Paige sounds like a psychopath. Like a legit obsessed psychopath. "I won't let you come between us" "You're the one who's gonna get hurt". She has a crazy face man. 
  • I feel like Paige is emotionally controlling Emily to get the right responses out of her and it's a classic mentally-abusive relationship. Trying to alienate her from her friends, egging her on when she's against the girls, trying to distance her from her other relationships. 
  • Oh my god, Emily is seriously going to tell everything to Paige you are so dumb. "I would do anything to protect you" with those crazy eyes.
  • "Things just went from worse to worser" "That's not a word but continue" HA.
  • Whoa, they got a text from A (it's been a while). BAHAHAHA, Aria's face is hilarious. She looks like a deer in the middle of the road with those eyes. 
  • MONA IS OUT YAAAAAY. Mona is crazy; I love her. Also: how in the world does she pass for a nurse in that man's eyes? Doesn't he recognize her as a patient? 
  • Hanna is lamenting over Emily's failed love life and yup, that's true. Now A sent them a message showing a bunch of photos of them at Ali's gravesite but none of them have Emily! Paige is going to try to frame them and keep Emily out of the drama, apparently. I'm skeptical. I don't know if she's A, I just know she's crazy.
  • Someone is downstairs! Oh no! These girls should keep a knife in their nightstand like honestly. 
  • HA, it was just Caleb. Wow, I totally knew it. 
  • Oh my god, Emily might be the dumbest person ever. She's going out of town, for the weekend, to some inn she's never heard of, WITH NATE. NATE, who has made it clear he wants more out of their relationship than she can give, Nate who seems to know a lot about Maya but for some reason can't talk to her family, NATE FREAKY ASS NATE. 
  • Hanna and Spencer separate and while Spencer is checking herself in the mirror of a passing store (I do that all the time), she sees Toby! And I'm sorry because I love them so much, they actually SLOW-MO walk to each other and hug. Like, legit slow-mo. I cannot. 
  • BAHAHAHAHA, now the camera is panning out and spinning around them. Oh my god, this is so cheesy. Did Toby get a haircut? 
  • I...actually like Aria's outfit. Why is she at Ezra's if he's working? Like...go do something Aria. Oh my god LOL "Ezra?" "Love you babe." Dude, he's working. 
  • WHOA, Maggie is at the door. Wut. Aria is gonna be in some deep shit but because Maggie is a super nice person, she pretends she's never met Aria before. 
  • Aria is trying to tell Maggie she needs to tell Ezra and um sorry Aria, not your business. And then Aria is like: well you have to because MY PROBLEMS. And Maggie's like: girl. chill, please. 
  • Maggie has now decided Aria needs to shut up and says if Aria says anything, she'll tell Ezra about how she went to her work posing as Amy. (I'm eating and writing and watching so this is difficult, ha)
  • Bahahaha, Caleb is bringing a gun. Ooo, you're so hardcore. But dude, I think Caleb is actually smart. BRING A WEAPON OBVIOUSLY THIS PERSON IS A MURDERER. 
  • Oh my god he hid it in her closet? Her mom is totally gonna find it. Jesus, stupid teenagers. 
  • Pfft Caleb, we don't know how many A's there are so your argument is invalid. 
  • Mona does not look happy with her orders so I'm kind of nervous about that. It probably has something to do with Hanna or something? 
  • OH MY GOD ARE SPENCER AND TOBY? OH. Oh. Well! Is it bad if I say about time? Probably. I like this song, ha. 
  • Now it shows all the Liars getting ready for this epic showdown with A -- Aria is chilling, Hanna is getting the bag, Caleb is putting the gun back in his bag, Spencer is getting it on. 
  • Aria is now all guilty looking watching Maggie and Ezra talk and WELL YOUR OWN FAULT. 
  • Spencer is walking about her house in only Toby's shirt. SPENCER, YOU HAVE FAMILY. REMEMBER? 
  • And now he's leaving again and he's looking all guilty while hugging her and now i'm suspicious. No Toby, please, you are like my favorite if you become evil or do something bad to Spencer I will be very upset. 
  • WHOA, it's the creepy A room again. Mona is telling Other Evil Person that there's been a change of plans. I mean, I knew all along that Mona is just a pawn but ha, proof. 
  • On another note, I really want to see House At The End of the Street. One) I love horror movies and Two) Jennifer Lawrence. 
  • I'm glad that they're actually planning with Caleb stuff because he's a good person to have on your team. Tech-savvy and all that. 
  • Emily was sleeping on the couch and she got a creepy ass phone call saying "you have one minute". WUUUUT. That was like the Scream voice or something. 
  • And now Emily is like: oh wow maybe this wasn't a good idea. Huh, no kidding. Honestly. 
  • Caleb and the girls are splitting up to try to find the motel Emily is at and now Emily is running away because obviously. And whoa! Nate just caught up to her! HE'S SO CREEPY I WARNED YOU. Character's lives would be so much easier if they could hear me. 
  • Oh my god, this dude is crazy. I knew this Maya stuff has nothing to do with A. He's showing her a video about Maya telling Emily about how she's at Noel's cabin and she wants them to be together. And now Nate is all: I shallz destroy you because you took my love and all that. 
  • OH MY GOD PAIGE ISN'T EVIL? Okay season finale, you ACTUALLY managed to surprise me. Wasn't expecting that. 
  • Paige is probably like: god damn, this is why you can't have nice things. 
  • OH CRAP, they're in the wrong cabin! 
  • Oh my god Emily, seriously? To escape, YOU WENT UP A LIGHTHOUSE? I cannot even with the lack of freaking logic. Oh, she's looking for phone signal. But really, that shouldn't be a top priority. 
  • I have noticed there is always a scene like this. Spencer with Ian and now Nate and Emily. Big fight scene between girl and Evil.
  • Oh my god, Emily just killed Nate. SHE STABBED HIM. Oh my god, Emily seriously has the WORST luck. Not only losing her girlfriend traumatizing but then KILLING SOMEONE.
  • OH MY GOD CALEB GOT SHOT? Oh my god why didn't you put the gun in your pocket or something? Wait is Caleb dead? Or is he just shot? I'm pretty sure he's just shot!
  • Garrett is now free because Emily caught Maya's killer and he just did an evil smile urgh stop it. 
  • Mona is saying it was a shame that she didn't get to do her part in the plan and she's walking with Other Evil Person. She tells him she'll see him later and oh my god. 
  • NO
  • NO
  • NO
  • NO
What did you guys think?

p.s now that this is over, there's a month before my Vampire Diaries recaps can begin....I love talking about TV so I might make this an anime talk because god knows that's the only TV I watch nowadays. But recaps shall come back with BOTH Once Upon A Time and Vampire Diaries! 


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