Pretty Little Liars 3x11 Single Fright Female? Let's Talk About It!

Who's excited? Well, good for you! Let's do this! Pretty Little Liars:

  • Spencer and Hanna are trying to cover up the wound Hanna got that she's somehow going to try to hide from her mom and now Wren is all up calling Hanna during the daytime. Boy, calm down. Spencer is automatically suspicious because you know, she knows the charms of British Wren. And HA SHE JUST CALLED HIM DOWNTON GRABBY. This is the second time an ABC Family show has made a joke about Downton Abbey and I love it. 
  • Oh no! One of the adults found evidence that someone is stalking the girls and is going to turn it into the police! What a great id--NO NO AN AWFUL IDEA APPARENTLY. Hanna is sure A's going to go after her and Caleb. 
  • Mrs.Hanna is determined and good! That means she's a great parent and normal! Hanna is also determined, but to trash that flash drive and let this whole thing go. 
  • Wow, Aria, you woke him up on his birthday? Couldn't have let him sleep in? And then she does that thing I hate where someone CLEARLY sees you're sleeping and asks if you're sleeping. Blargh. All Ezra wants to do is know Maggie is okay! He should call her! Confront his lies! Something or other
  • Oh seriously Paige? You're going to get upset that Emily kissed Nate when you kissed her when she was drunk? I'm convinced Paige has something to do with the A gang. She's suspicious! Also she has anger problems. Oh wow, she's actually being really understanding but it's a fake understanding. 
  • Oh my god, I want to go into the screen and punch Aria in the face. She better not go try to contact Maggie because Aria, that is none of your fucking business. FOLLOW SPENCER'S ADVICE. 
  • CeCe is here! Yay! I love CeCe. She sees Paige and Emily together and then says that Alison and Paige were totally mega enemies. I KNEW IT I KNEW IT. And then Spencer flashbacks to Alison being her typical bitch self talking about how "pigskin" (Paige) kicked her and she was a NASTY bruise on her shoulder.
  • Spencer is so pretty. Just thought I'd say it. 
  • Wow seriously? Sending secret messages in the middle of class. Wow, I'm actually finding Hanna and Caleb kind of obnoxious, HA. 
  • Nate is being all angry because Emily is brushing him out which I kind of get because Emily did make out with him BUT BACK OFF NATE. Now he's just being an asshole.
  • Oh my god, Aria. She is so dumb, oh my god. I hope Ezra gets mad at her because that's unacceptable. I hate when heroines do that and I'm supposed to understand that but if the love interest does it it's like: oh mai god, he doesn't respect her privacy.
  • Why does no one notice THAT NATE IS INSANE? 
  • Maggie seems nice but really nervous and I still hate Aria. I hate this episode, it's making me annoyed. 
  • OH MAI GOD WHAAAA Alison Paige
  • Oh dude Paige is totes part of the A team. She's trying to get Emily away from the girls. 
  • YESSS AHH it's Ezra's brother. I love him (I know this is unfair because I don't love HIM, I love the actor). He's apologizing to Aria because he didn't know she didn't know and now she's telling him about how Maggie didn't get the abortion because her kid looks like Ezra. And she's like: why didn't Maggie tell him about the kid?
  • Um, Aria, maybe it's because it's none of your business. 
  • So there was a snake in one of the boxes and it attacked Spencer and oh my god, I don't know how Spencer isn't sobbing right now. I love snakes but definitely not when one is hissing and trying to attack me! 
  • Then maybe you shouldn't have gone to the freaking school, Aria, if you didn't want to be faced with this problem. Awwww, he's so nice. 
  • Caleb called to Hanna's mom about how she shouldn't turn the video in and something or other. Urgh, Caleb: "I want to touch you". I don't know why he's freaking me out this episode. Maybe it's the hair.
  • Ezra is all happy because he talked to Maggie and she's all happy and didn't tell him the kid and alive.
  • Paige and Spencer are having a conversation and Paige is asking if she could have a fresh start. I DON'T TRUST YOU ANYMORE. 
  • Urgh, why isn't it possible that Maggie didn't tell Ezra because she didn't want to be with him? 
  • MAN, Emily looks really good in that dress. And now they got caught looking through Paige's purse and apparently found something?
  • Hanna's Mom decides to throw away the flash drive! Woo, I guess! And now she's going on a date with the Pastor, who I love. 
  • Oh! It was the earring that Aria put in there! Which I still don't get why Aria put those in there but whatever. 
  • Wow, Jenna actually looks really freaked out. When she's not making fake bitchy faces, she's a good actress. 
  • WHAAAAAA, there's two evil gloved persons? I totally knew it from the beginning so yeah. 
And that's all for today! Season finale next week!
-Happy Reading


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