State of the Union 7/29

So why has Harmony been sucking this week? (Maybe I should let you guys give me punishments if I don't post more than four times a week with no good excuse? LOL, I'd be up for it)

1) I keep saying on twitter: secret things and you guys probably hate me for that BUT IT'S SECRET THINGS I REALLY CAN'T SAY! But yeah this week has just been....crazy. And then the second reason I've been absent:

2) My sister moved out of the house. Now, it's not like I've never not lived with my sister before. She went to PennState and then she did an exchange program and a masters in England so I'm plenty used to having her miles and miles away from me. But now she's done with school! She's moving to her own place on her own accord! And it feels quite official and final because it's not something that she's gonna come back for months and live with us so I'm feeling pretty nostalgic and all wishy-washy which is silly because she's only like 30 minutes away.

So if it wasn't obvious from my Manga/Anime post a few days back, I've been obsessed. So I'm currently STILL watching Buffy but I'm also watching this:

Now I'm only on episode four of Full Metal Alchemist but I like what I've seen so far! I've heard AMAZING things about this show and everyone everywhere loves it and it's by the same company that made Soul Eater SO OKAY.

And then status on Buffy: almost done with season three! I am getting kind of sick with the whole Angel-Buffy plotline because it feels like oh my god we get it you guys shall never be and dramz and soul vamps and yeah, okay. Xander is a lot less annoying but CORDY. I am saddened by the sudden absence of Cordelia. Now she only comes in every once in a while! Willow is awesome, Oz is awesome, Giles is AWESOME, Faith is freaking crazy.

that implies I'm actually reading things /dramatic sigh.

I'm pretty sure I've read nothing this past week and a half. I know, I am pathetic! But guys, manga! I finished both Soul Eater and Fruits Basket (can we talk about how psychologically crazy Fruits Basket is? Like...I just want to talk about it constantly)

I'm currently reading Throne of Glass which I'm both excited (I've been waiting FOREVER for this book) and completely nervous (most of the people whose opinion I trust haven't really liked it). I guess we'll have to see my final verdict! So far, it's good. Celaena is crazy arrogant which I actually love because dude if you're an assassin you have a right to be arrogant but yeah.

almost nothing because I suck

Tuesday: So Random: Manga and Anime
Wednesday: Pretty Little Liars 3x08 Recap

so I was going to film a book haul but then my stupid computer keeps telling me "the webcam doesn't exist" and HOW CAN THAT BE WHEN MY WEBCAM IS *IN* THE COMPUTER?

For Review:
Cuttlefish by Dave Freer
The Boy Recession by Flynn Meaney

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

Happy Reading!


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