The day in which different countries have different covers.

Have you ever noticed how beautiful other countries covers for the same book there here are? Sometimes they'll keep the cover of the U.S version, but most of the time they'll change it to match the current color and graphics that are popular in their current publishing industry. This is gonna be a really pretty post, full of different covers that will WOW you or maybe you'll say: "I like the American cover better". Either way, here's some covers!

As You Wish by Jackson Pearce: (left: American right: Spanish)

I have to admit, I LOVE the Spanish cover a lot more than the U.S version. It's more mysterious and B-E-A-utiful. They had to change the title because 'Lo que tu deseas' doesn't sound very nice as a title, but Tres Deseos is just as good!


FrostBite: A vampire academy novel by Richelle Mead: (left: U.S right: German)

While Frostbite is my favorite VA cover, I love love love this German cover! It's much more dark and empowering while Frostbite's cover looks more cold and calm. I think rose is on the VA German cover and I know that's Lissa and Christian on the Frostbite cover. Either way, I love them both!

Shiver by Maggie Steamfitter: (left: U.S right: U.K)

I am sooooo torn between these two! Both of them are so so so beautiful. The U.S shiver represents a more cold and tranquil side of the story, like Frostbite did. And the U.K Shiver shows the darker, angst, emo-ish side to Shiver that we all know and love. They both feature the heart leafs, which I love love love! It' s pretty much the same graphic with different colors but they symbolise such different things!

Comment! Discuss! And Happy reading!
-Harmony B.


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