The day in which I state my Team

Friday, O5.21.1O
Ok, one of the biggest love triangles going on write now and none other than GALE and PEETA from the Hunger Games. Don't lie, everyone picked their teams already and are praying that Katniss ends up with one of them.I’m not gonna do any bashing or hating or yelling on this post. And I don’t expect anyone too in the comments either. I’m speaking what I think is true. And I will say it, I’m Team Peeta. And here, I’m going to explain why:
First you should read this post by Alexandra Bracken about this:http://bracken.livejournal.com/177426.html#cutid1.
Seriously, do it. Now!
The day I brought the Hunger Games, I was at a book fair. My friend gave me money to buy a book for my birthday and dared me to pick the first book I saw. Lucky, lucky me, it was the Hunger Games. There are many reasons I’m Team Peeta, the main one is that he’s amazing. I’m not saying that Gale’s a horrible horrible person. I’m just saying I don’t think he’s right for Katniss. I was strolling down Alexandra Bracken’s blog the other day and read her post about this and it got me thinking (which lead to a long discussion with myself about it).
While Gale is an amazing friend, he does in fact have too much in common with her. I can just hear your protests. In my opinion (although I’m not Suzanne Collin’s mind) is that Gale and Peeta represent the two sides of Katniss. Gale is the hard, tough one that feels the need to not let anyone see her vulnerable and Peeta represents the side of her that feels, that wants and needs. Peeta represents the side of her she neglects. And when she meets him, he makes her think more about her heart and rely on it less than her instinct. While her wit proves useful, it’s her heart that (SPOILER) makes her scream Peeta’s name to save him (SPOILER OVER), it’s her heart that helps her through what the Hunger Games really is, an emotional “roller coaster”. It’s true that the Hunger Games in itself is to represent violence and physical pain, it also takes a larger toll on the inside, on your sanity. Because the only thing worse than being broken on the outside, is being broken on the inside.
Another thing I agree with Alexandra on is the fact that I don’t think Peeta is a wuss. People stereotype, even Katniss did, that since Peeta lives in the “richer” part of town and is a baker’s son, all he must do is frost cupcakes and sing “Kumbaya” with his happy family, which (if you read) you know is not the case. People say he’s a wimp because he’s not tall, dark hunter guy like Gale but Peeta has his own ability. He was the power to make anyone believe what he says which to me, was a lot more useful to Katniss than Gale would’ve been. While Gale would’ve fought better, Katniss wouldn’t have been so loved by the people of the capitol and would’ve had so many sponsors, if Peeta hadn’t done what he did. I think that Katniss would’ve not won if she had gone with Gale.
Another thing that bothers me is people expectations. People expect Peeta to be able to throw a knife, walk silently, hunt well, etc etc, when he wasn’t raised like that. It’s like asking someone to spin perfectly on their head without them ever having tried before. You can’t expect something of someone if they don’t know how too. Katniss and Gale know how to hunt because they needed to to survive, but Peeta and his family live off of burned bread. He’s not gonna be able to shoot an arrow at a squirrel in the eye (since that’s so manly).
Just because he frosts cakes, doesn’t mean he’s a loser. It just means he makes really yummy food. And who doesn’t want someone who makes really yummy food? People also say that while Katniss was fighting, he was hiding in the mud or with the careers but if you had a burned/stabbed leg that was slowly being infected and you could varely walk; you’d stick around in the mud too. He’s not a fighter so you can’t just expect him to stab someone in the eye while spinning in the air and roundhouse-kicking some dude in the face. It isn’t gonna happen. People will not magically learn how to hunt amazingly in one day; it took Katniss FOUR years to achieve that. Peeta, for how he was raised, is pretty good with his knife. Now if Peeta had been raised like Gale, he’d be a pretty good fighter. But he wasn’t, and you just got to live with who he is. Which is a pretty amazing person.
Last but not least, Peeta has a big heart. And all the things he did for her (you know what I mean if you read it), proves that he loves her as much as he said he does. Peeta’s amazing ability to charm everyone he meets (because in Catching Fire, Gale even says he’s impossible to hate) charmed me as well.
(note: I think Katniss doesn't need a guy to make her happy or stronger. So I'm also part team Katniss-doesn't-need-a-man-in-her-life-to-make-her-strong)
Comment! Discuss! Happy Reading!
-Harmony B.


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