The day stuff is in my mailbox

Sunday, O5.23.1O
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This week was slow, especially since I had gotten so much books before and finished reading all of them on Wednesday. But I got these awesome books waiting for me!


Jekel loves Hyde by Beth Fantaskey
I LOVED Jessica's Guide to dating on the Dark Side so much! So when I saw it was by the same author, I snatched it up! I've heard good things about it and I hope it lives up to the Jessica scale!
Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead
Do I really have to say anything about this? It's a VA book, I love the VA books, so I got it. Honestly, I love Demitri, but Adrian's awesome and is looking like a real good match for her. Besides, even if she manages to get Demitri back into a Dhampir, he would never forgive himself for all he did to her in Blood Promise.
Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready:
I'm almost done with this and I love love love it! Secrets! A love triangle! Romance! Ghosts! Awesomeness! AND, the author has a three word name :) How cool is that?! Buy. This. Book.
What's in YOUR mailbox. Link your posts to your comment!
Happy Reading!
-Harmony B.


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