Breaking Up Reading Week: Boys.Girls.Love. Oh My!

Last but not least, we have the awesome Kari from A Good Addiction (who is also my last critique partner :P) and she's here to talk about........


Harmony was crazy, err... kind... enough to let me take over her blog today. As if that wasn't weird enough, she's letting me talk about romance and relationships in YA. I considered doing a soapbox but... I'm trying to behave. So, maybe YA relationships are flawed. Maybe real boys can't live up to YA boys. But frankly, I don't read to find a boyfriend. I read because it's fun. So on the idea of couples... I am here to bring you my top ten YA couples. And why they are hot. Or perfect for each other. Or whatever other criteria I deem awesome enough for them to make my list. Keep in mind, this is based off books I've read so if you want to bash my head in for not adding someone, maybe I haven't read that book yet. Also... I am limiting myself to actual couples, not I think this person should actually be with this person (sorry, not touching the Team Edward/Jacob OR Peeta/Gale debates).

1.Caleb and Kate (Caleb + Kate by Cindy Martinusin-Coloma): I admit, the Romeo and Juliet aspect of this book did help with the appeal but most notable is how simple this pair is together. Yes, the hormones and attraction are there but they don't jump in bed at first sight. It's tough, and they face plenty of obstacles, but they ignore what their parents' say.

2.Doug and Zoey (Forget You by Jennifer Echols): This is a pair that just melds together. They need each other. They are a good match. The main problems in their way are their own. Not to mention, there might be some steam and spice any time they are next to each other.

3.Meredith and Andy (Such A Pretty Girl by Laura Wiess): This one is hard to explain but given their histories and the way their lives are intertwined... it is almost a heartbreaking relationship. There are feelings there but it's coming from a different direction. But at its core, these two need each other.

4.Michael and Regina (Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers): They shouldn't even be friends. The circumstances that push them together stink. But something comes out of it is that is fantastic and more than superficial looks. Something builds between these two. They are a real couple that has their battles, that struggles, and that has to learn to open up to the other one.

5.Alex and Brittany (Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles): The spark and fire between these two stands out the most. There is a chemistry there that drives them but underneath the hormones and lust is a strong bond. They're meant to be together. They fill in the gaps for the other. And they just might make pretty babies one day.

6.Lend and Evie (Paranormalcy by Kiersten White): There is an attraction between these two but what I like the most about this relationship is how simple and grounded it is. They don't jump right into 'I love you,' they don't think sex means love... they don't even think kisses mean nothing. They are awkward. They are unsure. They shift between being relaxed teenagers to stumbling over words and blushing. Maybe they're not "normal" but they're still teenagers. And still great together.

7.Jesse and Sam (The Girl Next Door by Selena Castrovilla): These two are facing things no one, regardless of age, should have to. Chances are, Jesse is not going to live. But Sam loves him. She has for a long time. They push the envelope with their relationship- at least for anyone that isn't in this situation. But what do you do when you're 17 and dying? This is a couple potentially bound for heartbreak but trying to ignore it. Trying to still live and experience budding romance. This is one of the most memorable couples I've read.

8.Ethan and Lena (Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl): Ethan is quiet. Keeps mostly to himself. Maybe even has a few issues of his own. But he isn't the kind to go with the crowd, particularly when Lena shows up. The start of their relationship is volatile but it smooths into something good. Something that fits them. I can't imagine them with anyone else because they work together. When one is weak, the other is strong- at least on the outside. They are facing some huge things but figure out early on with that easy clarity teens have that if they just try it together, they'll maybe make it through.

9.Cameron and Savannah (Delinquents by Suzanne Young): I know basically all of you haven't read this one yet. I know it doesn't come out until fall 2011 or later. But I've read a draft and this couple is something. Yes, Cameron is hot. Yes, he's rich. Yes, he is mysterious. But he's kind and sweet and a genuinely good guy. He isn't interested in Savannah to get her in bed or to string her along and embarass her. And Savannah... she doesn't spend time with him just for kicks. They have something undeniable, even in the face of everything else. They are dealing with their own things, trying to figure out each other, and trying to figure out themselves. And they are absolutely perfect for each other.

10.Adam and Mia (If I Stay by Gayle Forman): What better way to test a teenage love than put one of them in a coma? Will Mia stay or pass on is the central question of this book. And sitting there, hoping she does stay, is Adam. Maybe they had some rough parts in their relationship. Maybe things weren't going completely like they should. But maybe love really is the most important thing. And maybe Adam won't be the same if he loses her. This relationship is one of the most raw ones I've read and absolutely realistic and gripping.

(I butt in for a moment: How are Sam and Grace from Shiver not on this list? *tsk tsk*)

Those are my top couples, for various reasons... thanks, Harmony, for letting me take over for awhile. And thank you to her readers for actually reading!



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