'Breaking Up Reading Week' Things that go bump in the night

Today, we have the lovely, the wonderful, the insanely sweet Melina from Reading Vacation! She's here to talk to you guys about......


Creatures have always been a part of my reading experience. I would even go so far as to say that they may actually be following me.
I can remember my parents reading fairy tales to me when I was younger. Magical stories of fairies, dragons, mermaids, giants, and unicorns. I would try to picture myself in the imaginary world of the good creatures. It was like a beautiful dream. But then, I would picture myself in the mysterious world of the eerie creatures. I usually ended up having a nightmare involving some sort of monster chasing me.
When I started to read books on my own, the creatures were still all around me. I discovered a world of happy fairies and sprites in the Rainbow Magic chapter books. As my taste evolved, I was drawn to the Harry Potter series because it brought a slew of frightening creatures to life. The stories were suspenseful and I lived for all those dreadful monsters.
No longer afraid, I now find myself seeking out stories with all sorts of creatures. Best of all, these creatures have many different interactions with humans and each other. For instance….

The Lightning Thief pits mythical creatures against the demigods.

The fey in The Iron King series seem almost mortal in their feelings.

Monster High centers on the children of monsters living in fear of their “normie” classmates.

Friendly mermaids live under the sea in Forgive my Fins.

In Spell Hunter, the fairies have lost their magic and they turn to a human for help.

I now welcome the mysterious creatures who are following me. They add the spice that makes a ho-hum story fascinating. And if I do end up a little scared, that’s okay too because I have a night light….just in case.

Thanks for having me and Happy Reading!


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