The day: Top Ten YA Hotties ;)

Ah, admit it. The boys in YA just make you gonna swoon. They capture our hearts, and each are different (or the same) in many ways. You might see a trend in my Top Ten though :P Let me know if you spot it ;)

**this is in no particular order, I love them all the same ;)

Top Ten Boys:
1. Adrian, The Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
I LOVE THIS GUY. Seriously, I do! He's sardonic and charming and just makes me laugh! Yeah, he drinks and is very suggestive, but you know that down inside, he cares. He cares about Rose A LOT. Adrian swayed my heart! I was a Dimitri girl until he showed himself more and i've always loved his character since when he first appeared in Frost Bite. My favorite lines in the Vampire Academy series are mostly things he says and he's just over-all an awesome, charming guy!

2. Ari, Thief Eyes by Janni Lee Simmer
While this isn't one of my favorite books, it is one of my favorite guys. What I love about Ari besides being a bit of a smart-aleck and being a cool berserker is that he actually like cares. I don't mean in the way you guys think. In this book, heroine already has a boyfriend back home. But as soon as they both realize they like each other, he doesn't ravage her or anything like that. He steps back and goes, "You have a boyfriend and I don't want to be the reason you two break up." I thought that was very mature and it showed that he really cares about her and her life!

3. Po, Graceling by Kristin Cashore
How can he NOT be on this list? Seriously?! He's just soooo awesome *sigh*. You guys know this is my all-time favorite book of life so i'm probably gonna gush about him a little :P Ok, well let's start. He's kinda arrogant/a smart-aleck (which for some reason is a must for me. See the trend yet?) but it's not like mean and annoying. It's charming! And he's humble, even admitting that he knows Katsa can beat him in a fight blindfolded. How many guys do you know that will admit a girl can kick his butt? Even if it's true? Yeah, I don't know any! He's a sweetheart and caring and goes to great lengths for his friends and family.

4. Peeta, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Ah, my lovely baker boy :) If it wasn't obvious in my Why Am I Team Peeta post, i'm Team Peeta. He's so cute and sweet and proves you don't have to be tall, dark, and brooding to be a favorite! It's adorable that he's liked Katniss for a long time but hasn't had the guts to tell her and you know why? BECAUSE THAT'S REAL. There's lots of guys out there that like girls and don't have the guts to tell them! Like 99% of the population have that! Especially with girls like Katniss who are so headstrong and emotionally distant. So that's normal for him to be shy when he admits it and he's a totally charming awesome guy!

5. Sam, Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
This guy is perfectly emo enough that it's not annoying, which is awesome! He reads poetry and plays guitar and sings! AND he's a werewolf! He's awkward, which is again normal, and a lot of times he's unsure whether Grace wants him or not. Which is, again, normal! I'm all for abnormal, but I like human reactions that make sense.

6. Jace, The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare
If you have noticed in my Quotes from my Goodreads page, most of them are from this guy right here. I LOVE HIM. He's arrogant, a major smart-aleck, sarcastic, charming, and *squeee*. And yeah he's all of those things, which makes him awesome and laugh-out-loud funny, but he's also nice and complex and gets jealous and is bi-polar like pretty much every other dude out there! =P But he's just awesomely special!

7. Ash, The Iron King by Julie Kagawa
Cold, brooding, lovely. Nuff' Said ;)

8. Sonny, The Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston
I have expressed my love for Sonny in the review but i'll do it again here. Seriously! He kicks fey butt for a living! He's a human that has raised by King Obernon! But he also has a wonderful sweet side that gives him lots of brownie points with me. He's insanely cute and even though Kelley laughs in his face when he says she's a faerie, he's still determined to help her!

9. Luc, Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers
I can't say much about him since this book doesn't come out until September but OMG, *swoon* You don't know the definition of hot until you read Personal Demons. Luc is the epitome of hot-ness. Ah, and he's sweet when he wants to be ;) I joke around a lot with Lisa about him being so hot, he might burn my computer from talking about him so much ;)

10. Rhode, Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel
Yeah, he doesn't come out much in the book, mostly in flashbacks and 23 pages in the beginning (in which I cried). He's so SWEET and and nice and even thought they were bonded just because he turned her into a vampire, he loved her anyway (and vampires can't even feel those kind of emotions, so that's big) And he did all of what he did (Infinite Days comes out August 3rd!) and sacrificed all of that because he wanted the best for her :)

Tada!! Any you guys want to add to the list? Put them below in the comments!

Happy Reading!
-Harmony B.


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