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We love the good ones, hate the bad ones, and sometimes –if you’re like me –you hate the good ones because they just keep you wanting more. (but in a good way). There are simple plots but then there are those abstract plots that keep you on your feet throughout the whole thing, whether it be reading a book or watching a movie. If there's one thing a good book HAS to have, it's a good plot. Plots are one of the reasons why I read novels. Plots are there, along with characters, to keep the story moving from one point to the other. Without plots nothing would happen! No one wants to read about that when that probably happens in your everyday life. I know that’s my life. So, that’s why I read novels with amazing plots. I love the complexity of some plots, the ones that get me thinking even after I have finished the novel and the ones that actually make me think. It’s good to get away from reality and succumb to something other than my life.

In a plot you always have the rising action, climax, and falling action. Successful plot needs to have all of those, plus amazing creativity. You read a novel from beginning to end to see what will happen to the characters. Without the rising action you wouldn’t have a climax. Without the climax you wouldn’t have a falling action and without a falling action you would most likely be screaming at an inanimate object, furious that the author left off at a horrible place (sort of like a cliff hanger but worse.) Even the simplest of plots have those elements. And as I said before, plots the key element to making a story successful along with well rounded, believable characters. Everything is just how it’s written. Authors will go to extreme lengths to write you a novel with amazing characters and an astonishing, bone-chilling plot. And good thing they do, because I love to read them!

That’s all I have to say. Thank you Harmony for having me on your blog!
Happy Reading!
-Bianca (Nyxen)


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