The day in which I Book Blogger Hop (2)

Book Blog hopping this week to bring a little hoopity-hop spirit up in here ;) Geez, I sound insane. Hehe...anyway!

Here's the question i'm supposed to answer:

Hi, my name is Harmony (well...Harmonia) and I started blogging (I tell this story a lot) because the awesomely awesome Julie made me get off my butt. You see, I had wanted to blog for a really long time, but because i'm lazy and would have no idea what I was doing since i'm a techfail (still am), but she was all "It's fun! Do it!" and I was like: "Hmmm....I will!" And I did! And I love love love it! So Thank you Julie! :P

The book blogger hop is a way for bloggers to interact and meet new people and blogs! It's hosted by the AWESOME Jennifer so check her blog out too!
Writing up a review for Perchance to Dream right now!

Comment && Happy Reading!
-Harmony B.


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