Yesterday, I entered a war with Sarah from Sarah's Random Musing because she's Team Unicorn. I am (of course) TEAM ZOMBIE all the way!

10 Reasons to be Team Zombie:

1) Zombies have the awesomist movies ever. I mean, theres a wiki naming every Zombie movie ever. You know what happens when you look up Unicorn movies? The Last Unicorn. One measly movie. No wonder it was the last unicorn *shakes head*

2) When your obsessed about something, they call you a ____-zombie. Blogging-zombie, swag-zombie, reading-zombie, computer-zombie. They don't call you a Computer-unicorn. Cuz that's be lame.

3) Zombies even have COOL RELATIVES. Zombies have mummy cousins, which are totally cool. Unicorns cousins? Horses. Bo-ringggg!

4) Zombies can have there arms fall off and STILL LIVE. Sure Unicorns can heal themselves, but that takes a while people! And if a Unicorn's leg falls it, it's screwed!

5) Think about this: Zombies are kick-butt in movies, books, and real life too! Unicorns? They're only kick-butt in Rampant by Diana Peturfruend. Besides that? There's a reason they're extinct.

6) Zombies are in the Thriller music video! What music video are unicorns in for ages 8+?

7) Zombies can be versitale. Scary and friendly. Unicorns can just look magestic. What's the fun in that?

8) Zombies can dance (See point 6) > unicorns can trot around.

9) There are awesome books about zombies too! Hello, Forest of Hands and Teeth?

10) I'm in it, Libba Bray, Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson, Carrie
Ryan, and Scott Westerfeld are Team Zombie too!

Did that convince you? Still a Unibie? It's okay, I'll still be your friend!


Peace out and Happy Reading
-Harmony B.


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