Food For Thought: Next Big Thing? (3)

So someone recently asked me to talk about "The Next Big Thing" that I thought was going to be going down in the industry (trend-wise and all of that good stuff.)

Before we can go analyzing trends, we have to look at the trends that are going on right now:
1) Dystopians -- obviously. Ever since books like The Hunger Games came out, it's exploded!
2) Paranormal Romance -- while there's been a slight decline in the number of paranormal romances we've been getting, it's definitely still wrong!
3) Retellings -- I think with the fact that Disney hadn't put out a new movie in a while was making people all impatient to read more fairy tales. Who doesn't love a good fairy tale?!
4) Mermaid Books -- maybe this is just because I've received like three mermaid books in the past two months for review but seriously!

So how we can get into things I think are going to start getting a lot bigger in the future:
1) High Fantasy-ish Books -- I've been a trend starting to peek out of High Fantasy with some upcoming books like Defiance and Bitterblue finally releasing after a 4 year wait.
2) Sci-Fi's -- Not even kidding; it might be a while away, but i'm sensing it already.
3) Steampunk -- Ever since The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare released as well as Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld which is a much more formal streampunk, there have been stirrings (like Innocent Darkness by Suzanne Lazear and some 2013 released that I've seen!)

Things I want to see happen but probably won't so let me sulk in my corner:


1) Hard-core High Fantasy -- I think the problem with books like these is that they're usually really long and most people don't want to read huge tomes with lots of character names and places to remember BUT I DO. A LOT.
2) Historicals -- Please? Pretty please? Gilt released though, so at least we have that to love!
3) Historically-Inspired High Fantasy -- Maybe it's just my love of Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo but....please?
4) Historicals With Added Crazy Crap -- titanic with werewolves a la Fateful, anyone? I would LOVE some more of that!
5) A Spin-Off about Katsa and Po's adventures -- What? What said that? Me? (I just finished re-reading Bitterblue SO YEAH.)

I'm kind of super amused my wish-list is all high-fantasy and historical!
So what do you think is going to be the next big thing?
Happy Reading!


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