The Vampire Diaries: The Departed? Let's Talk About It!

So lately I've been in kind of a blogging rut mostly because I feel like I'm in this continuous loop of boring on the blog lately and I kind of want to branch out and make this website more...interactive, you know? If i'm making any sense! Anyway!

So as you guys know, i'm a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries and the season finale was yesterday! And all my friend watch it but I really want to talk to you guys, the ones who watch it, about what you think about the episode so I decided to post this here and we can talk in the comments. 

Click "Read More" but please note: this is obviously not spoiler-free so tread wisely!

My thoughts:
  • Elena flashbacks! I thought that was nice; a little peek into her life before beautiful vampires started getting all up in her business. 
  • I AM SO RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY KLAUS IS NOT DEAD. You don't even understand; I am so frigging happy. But i'm a little bit confused about how this is going to go. Is Tyler dead? Is Klaus going to stay in Tyler's body. Because I mean....that's weird. And I ship Klaus and Caroline like I've never shipped anything before but I mean....that's weird. Plus, I love Joseph Morgan and I will be so sad if he's not coming back! Besides, Bonnie did it to save her friends so why would she make it so Tyler would be killed? Tyler was the one they knew for sure that was from Klaus' bloodline so I think Bonnie had a plan and Tyler is alive. 
  • Elena picking Stefan made me happy. It's not that I don't like Damon per say; it might just be more that I have issues with his characters. He's funny and he's you know, dark and broody with a secret heart of gold but I just don't think he's good relationship material. He's volatile and as Elena said in one episode: "snaps at every bump in the road." But honestly, I don't really care who she picks
  • Oh, I am so happy Caroline and Tyler aren't leaving. Caroline is my favorite and I would seriously consider quitting the show if she was gone. I love her little "and maybe my curling iron" moment because I just love that lightheartedness that she has about you. And you can totally tell that she didn't want to go and she was super nervous but she was going with it. 
  • ALARIC! IS DEAD! I AM SO SAD ABOUT THIS. Alaric was one of my favorites and his bromance with Damon was so adorable so it sucks to see him go
  • THE ORIGINALS ARE THE BAMFEST ON THE PLANET. Seriously, I want a spinoff about them. The best frigging scene was when Rebekah runs to Elijah and they hug each other crying over a brother that put them both in coffins for so many years. Because he was their brother and he did it for their protection; I love them. 
  • I'm pretty sure Stefan could've pulled both Elena and Matt out of the car. BUT FINE. 
  • OH SHIT! Elena's a VAMPIRE. I was waiting to see when this was going to happen! I'm very interested to see what's going to happen because Elena once said she'd never want to be a vampire so I wonder if she's going to go through the transition. But I mean...she's the main character. You never know with this show! Jesus. 
  • Overall, I feel like the episode wasn't one of the best ones, but it was definitely surprising and sad and suspenseful! Sometimes I felt like it was all over the place but it was a bittersweet conclusion. 
  • I almost forgot to mention: the flashback Damon and Elena scene. I really hope Damon was drunk because if not, I feel like that was a little bit out of character. And kind of...rushed? As if they added that scene last minute to appease the Delena fans? I don't know...who knows! All I know is that if she does become a Vampire, she'll remember!
So what did you guys think? Who do you ship together? Was the finale good? Are you dying for September?
Please tell me if you ship Klaus and Caroline because I love meeting people that love them, haha. 
Happy Watching!


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