Food For Thought: To Keep Going or Not To Keep Going? That is the question (4)

I really have conflicting emotions when I'm reading books because when I open a book up, I don't exactly expect to be wowed by the first chapter. I mean, you got to ease into things, right? Give some back-story, some character introduction, but I do expect to like it. I've even had moments of:


So here's my dilemma: I was just reading this book and I got through chapter one and i'm not even sure if i'm going to keep going. It's got this plot perfectly set up for a super cliched paranormal romance (girl who doesn't know she's pretty and super reserved and shy; bad boy playboy rebel drummer type with a british accent; girl with powers that she thinks are just totally normal but really she's an angel or something) and that already turns me off. I have a lot of books and I feel like I can't be wasting time reading books I know i'm not going to like.


what if this book is different from all the others and I just need to give it a chance? What if it's going to wow me but I'll never know because I didn't read past the first chapter? These are the questions that haunt me at night, guys. 

So I want to ask you guys a question: how much time do you usually give a book before you considering putting it down? I give it 100 pages but with something like this, i'm not sure I want to spend that amount of time reading it. What do you think? Have you ever stopped reading a book because of something like what happened to me? Another reason?
Happy Reading!


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