#FF Follow Friday: New Book Blogs I've Found!

So you guys know what Follow Friday on twitter is, right? Today I decided to write a post showing you guys some of the new blogs I've discovered recently and you know, pimp them and all that good stuff.

Now, I won't lie and say I'm the type of person to seek out new blogs. Bad incidents have made me a suspicious soul of new bloggers but once I decided to stop acting like an elitist and venture out of my hole, I found so many lovely people!

NOTE: not all of these might be new blogs but they are ones I've found recently.

1. The Book Barbies --
I only know one-half The Book Barbies but Raquel is honestly so funny and lovely. Also their reviews are informative and hilarious.

Novel Sounds

2. Novel Sounds --

AH, I love this blog. They review books AND they give you songs that match the feel of the book. I've found a bunch of new music through this and also their graphics are awesome.

3. The Dancing Reader --
Super nice and really consistent with her awesomeness of her reviews (guys, awesomeness isn't a word right? I think I use it so often Google Chrome doesn't even try to correct me anymore)

4. The Book Basement --

This is actually someone I discovered through Disqus! She would comment regularly and I would see her little purple logo and I like purple so curiousity got the best of me! And i'm so happy I did because she has kind of the same reviewing style as I do and she's also tough enough that I feel I can trust her enough but not SO tough that I'm super annoyed because YOU DON'T LIKE ANYTHING.

And boom! There are some new blogs for you to follow! Check them out and their twitters because they're lovely and I'll see you guys with another segment of YA WATCH tomorrow!


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